"Fortnite": Find & Enter Vault in Catty Corner

"Fortnite": Find & Enter Vault in Catty Corner

For a Battle Pass challenge in "Fortnite" Season 3, you should enter the vault in Catty Corner. We show you the way and explain how you crack the safe.

Catty Corner is a new location in the third "Fortnite" season – and the scene of the first weekly challenges . To enter the vault, first land near the location – you can find it in the southeast of the map in grid square G7. Arm yourself as well as possible before entering Catty Corner!

Find a vault in Catty Corner

The location is a fenced area with caravans, mobile homes and a large central building. It is best to enter Catty Corner from the street in the south through the entrance gap in the wall. On your left you will see two containers stacked on top of each other – the vault is in the lower one. Before that you need the access card.

Defeat miniboss, get key card

In Catty Corner there are some henchmen who will attack you when you enter the place. One of them is a mini boss – a cat with a human-like robot body. Defeat him and then collect the key card. Then run around the container and slide the card into the computer terminal under the canopy. The safe door opens – and you have solved the task!

The embedded video also shows you the complete route to the solution:

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