"Destiny 2: Season of Arrival" starts + info on September DLC

"Destiny 2: Season of Arrival" starts + info on September DLC

The silence has come to an end: Bungie has announced in an exciting stream what adventures gamers in "Destiny 2" can look forward to from September. At the same time, Season 11, the "season of arrival", starts.

It was clear that the threat from the eerie pyramid ships was growing in the "Season of the Worthy". Those who regularly freed Rasputin's bunkers from enemies could see the strange spaceships multiply. And also where they are: dangerously close to Jupiter. Now Bungie revealed the secret of how things will go in the new season. The Jupiter moon Io becomes the scene of the new adventures and showdowns.

"Arrival season": The darkness is approaching

With the last major expansion "Fortress of Shadows" it became clear that darkness, the ultimate enemy of the traveler, is making its way into the solar system of the "Destiny 2" keepers. The threat became more and more concrete – the "season of arrival" should now be the foretaste of what awaits you in September as a DLC:

  • A pyramid ship lands on Jupiter-Mond-Io – and brings new missions.
  • Of course, a new artifact, new seasonal forays and new seasonal gear will come into play.
  • The darkness has scattered messages on Io that have to be deciphered little by little.
  • A new public event around the dark pyramid ship calls for united guardian power.
  • As the campaign progresses, Guardians unlock a new dungeon, the "prophecy."

In addition, you can unlock new blacksmith armor and a revised armor from the "Trials of the Nine". If you also buy the Season Pass, you will automatically acquire the new exotic grenade launcher "Dürresammler" and the seasonal equipment.

Destiny 2 foreign exo

© Bungie / YouTube 2020

Old acquaintances: The stranger Exo from "Destiny 1" returns to the game. And reports of her world that has already been destroyed by the dark.

The big update in September: "Beyond Light"

What the players are slowly exploring this season will then be revealed with the annual big update in autumn: The darkness is stirring in an ancient pyramid ship on the Jupiter moon Europe. The NPC Eris Morn recently went there in a mini trailer.

As a player, you follow her into the ice desert with your keeper and infiltrate a lost BrayTech research facility in the new game world. And what you discover there has it all:

  • "Stasis" adds a new focus, fed by the dark, to your repertoire. All classes will use it, just differently.
  • In a new raid, you descend into the deep stone crypt and put your skills to the test with a powerful team of six.
  • Experience the rise of a new fallen house under the dark Kell Eramis and fight back the looters with your guardian colleagues.
  • New armor, weapons, quests and a brand new season pass are of course also at the start.

And, for all veterans from "Destiny 1": The unknown Exo, which first warned the keeper of the robot aliens Vex on Venus, is back in the game. More information about "Beyond Light" will follow in summer. The big expansion starts on September 22, 2020.

Destiny 2 stasis

© Bungie / YouTube 2020

With Stasis there is a new focus for every class. Players must first unlock the dark gift.

Destiny 2 is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Bungie has also confirmed that Destiny 2 will be released on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. If you switch from your old console to the next gen, all content that you have ever bought for "Destiny 2" will still be available. Until when the game is then fully supported on the old console is not yet clear.

On the other hand, it is clear that "Destiny 2" should become more console-spanning. So Luke Smith promised in the stream that Bungie is working flat out to ensure that PS4 and PS5 gamers can continue to play together. After all, "Destiny 2" is a game for friends and should remain so.

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