New leaks and rumors about "Resident Evil 8"

New leaks and rumors about "Resident Evil 8"

The leaks and rumors of the upcoming horror blockbuster "Resident Evil 8" do not stop. There is already new information, again this time unconfirmed. But an overall picture is slowly forming – which indicates a new content orientation of the zombie series.

We have already reported that "Resident Evil 8" will focus on occult processes. The fansite BioHazard Declassified has now opened up a wave of new rumors. As always, none of this has been confirmed by Capcom, so a certain amount of skepticism is definitely advisable.

For a better overview, we summarize the messages in a convenient bullet point form for you.

An overview of the new leaks

  • A new virus triggers seemingly supernatural visions and illusions. The story plays with occult elements such as a cult that honors the mutations caused by the virus. Real magic is not involved.
  • A mysterious man named Alan R. will be the main opponent. He lives in a castle and is a high-ranking member, if not the leader, of the secret association "The Connections", which was responsible for the events in "Resident Evil 7".
  • Natalia Korda, actually Alex Wesker, will be the second big opponent. If you only understand the train station, you should read the wiki entries of the hopelessly confused "Resident Evil" storyline.
  • Emily is a young woman in her 20s and supports our hero Ethan. She is looking for her missing father, and: She is a playable character, if only in certain scenes.
  • As in the horror classic "Alan Wake", we also have a flashlight here that illuminates dark areas and is also helpful against monsters. When all of your batteries are exhausted, they slowly recharge themselves.
  • In addition to the village where "Resident Evil 8" should start, we will also explore castles, caves and forests. Basically there should be more "outdoor" locations.
  • Ethan and Mia Mars from "Resident Evil 7" got a mutated monster baby. Chris Redfield, this time on his own, raids the Mars family and kills the baby, even wounding Mia. Mysterious black figures then kidnap Ethan to the village mentioned above – supposedly the subtitle of "Resident Evil 8" is also "Village" ". There Ethan must first find a reasonable weapon.
  • The most common opponents are zombies and pale, human-like shapes. They are reminiscent of the Ganados from part 4. Dogs, wolves and monsters also appear, which are reminiscent of the licker. Towards the end of the game, when we enter the big castle, the zombies are armed with swords, clubs and knives.

Good N8!

We will only see which of these messages are actually correct when "Resident Evil 8" actually comes out. When will that be? Only Capcom knows that at the moment. Apparently the horror shocker appears in parallel for the current and the next generation of consoles.

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