You can now rent e-scooters from Bird faster – without QR code

You can now rent e-scooters from Bird faster – without QR code

Renting an e-scooter is quick and easy with the QR code – but obviously not fast enough for the provider Bird. The company has developed a new method that will make it easier to borrow e-scooters.

The California e-scooter rental company names the new feature in a blog entry Quick Start. Registered Bird customers should be able to borrow e-scooters particularly conveniently thanks to the quick start function. According to Bird, the system works like this: It automatically detects when a customer approaches an e-scooter. The user does not have to take out the smartphone and scan a QR code. It is sufficient that Bluetooth is activated on the cell phone. The customer does not have to choose "Reserve" on his display first, but can unlock the e-scooter directly by tapping "Start".

Borrow in half the time

According to Bird, initial tests have shown that borrowing by Quick Start only takes half as long as using the conventional method using a QR code. The company has announced that the feature is now available in many cities and should be rolled out worldwide in the coming weeks and then be available to all customers. In Germany, Bird currently rents its e-scooters in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt.

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