Xiaomi launches a new even more efficient vertical air conditioning

Xiaomi launches a new even more efficient vertical air conditioning

After launching one of its largest vertical format air conditioners in the middle of last year, Xiaomi surprises us this time with a more efficient version , ideal for rooms of 30 square meters.

In detail, this new air conditioning comes under the Softwind Series , offering a high level of comfort thanks to the simulation of the wind breeze. To do this, it uses a total of 18 blades and a few micropores of just 2-3.5mm through which the cold air will flow.

Its size is 1,738x416mm , quite considerable dimensions to which is attached a condenser unit (the unit that is installed outside the home) of 927x699x280mm . In addition, its weight becomes 29Kg for the indoor unit, while the outdoor rises to 44Kg.

More efficient and with a surface to cover of up to 30 square meters

Xiaomi launches a new even more efficient vertical air conditioning. Xiaomi Addicts News

Unlike the previous Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioner Vertical 1C, this new version has slightly lower consumption. And it is that, with a power of 1,980 fridges and 2,950W for heat mode, this new air conditioning is capable of covering the same area of 30 square meters.

Among its characteristics we find an air flow level of 1,100 cubic meters per hour and a small screen from which to view the current status and temperature. In addition, like practically all Xiaomi home products, we can control its operation from its practical app.

Price and availability

The price of this new air conditioning is 5,999 yuan, about 771 euros to change. The most expensive model of the firm released to date, but the most efficient with a level equivalent to the European A +++.

As expected, unless Xiaomi officially sends it beyond China, it is practically impossible for us to see it for sale through the main resellers due to its high price and above all, its weight and dimensions.

More information at : Mi.com

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