Fitness wristbands without display: 5 models for purists

Fitness wristbands without display: 5 models for purists

Fitness wristbands without a display have their advantages – for fashion-conscious wearers, for example. Because without a display, the gadgets look less like a fitness tracker, but much more like a fashion accessory. The fitness wristbands without a screen do not lose functionality: wearers can easily read their values in the app if required. In sunlight, it can be difficult to read the data from the tracker display when jogging outdoors or working out in the park. The reduced design also benefits the wallet, because most fitness wristbands without a display are cheaper than models with a screen. Here you will find five trackers that are worthwhile.

HUAWEI Sports Volume A1

The Huawei Sports Band A1 is a simple fitness tracker that consists of two parts: a band made of plastic or leather and a metal housing in which the tracker is inserted. It automatically detects activities such as walking, running and cycling, counts steps and monitors sleep. The collected data is transferred to the smartphone via Bluetooth, where the user can view it. A special feature: The fitness wristband has a UV sensor that measures UV exposure in real time and provides tips on appropriate sun protection.

Samsung Charm

The name "Charm" already says it: The fitness bracelet from Samsung is more reminiscent of a piece of jewelry than a tracker. The bracelet comes without a display and has steps, distance traveled and calories burned in view. An LED on the band informs you about selected calls and notifications. All other information and measured values can be found in the associated app. The Samsung Charm is charged in a charging cradle.

Misfit shine

The design of the Misfit Shine differs significantly from most other fitness wristbands without a display. The wearable is reminiscent of a fashionable watch: the centerpiece is a circular, shiny aluminum tracking unit with twelve LEDs embedded in it. Here the wearer can see whether he has reached his activity goal – the more LEDs light up, the closer he is to the goal. The tracker not only counts classic steps, but also summarizes all activities in a score. The Misfit Shine also monitors sleep. Statistics and evaluations of all collected data can be found in the associated app.

Fitbit Charge HR

The Fitbit Charge HR fitness wristband does not completely dispense with a display – but it is so small and subtle that it is hardly noticeable. The range of functions of the fitness tracker is impressive: It continuously measures the steps, floors, distances, active minutes and the heart rate. The Charge HR also tracks your training sessions and your sleep and shows call notifications. In addition to the current data, users can also follow trends in the associated app.

Whoop Strap 3

The Whoop Strap 3 is not a classic fitness bracelet that counts steps and measures calorie consumption. The wearable is primarily intended for professional athletes. It uses the heart rate measurement to track the condition of the wearer's body. From this, the tracker derives how much load it can take and what regeneration times it needs. The wearable also calculates how much sleep the wearer needs to achieve top performance. This extensive data analysis comes at a price: the bracelet is relatively cheap at 20 euros, but access to the collected data is only possible with a Whoop membership. And that costs around 20 euros per month.

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