New patent: does the PS5 controller have a fingerprint sensor?

New patent: does the PS5 controller have a fingerprint sensor?

A recent patent suggests that the PS5 controller could have a fingerprint sensor. The patent describes biometric authentication when unlocking accounts.

The Sony patent is unfortunately only available in Japanese. The English abstract describes the basic functionality of the feature. An input device – possibly the PS5 controller – is equipped with a fingerprint sensor. If a user wants to log in with his account on a console (PS5?), He must first have his fingerprint scanned. This is then compared with the biometric data stored on a server. If there is a match, the player can log into the console.

Is that the end of account sharing?

Verification at the console using biometric data would provide additional protection against account theft by hackers. At the same time, it could prevent account sharing, as is currently possible on the PS4: If a person saves the login data of their PSN account on the PS4, for example of a friend, they can log in with the saved profile at any time and the digital games of the account -Owner's play.

Sony currently tolerates account sharing, but it certainly doesn't like it when gamers share their games. Should Sony really rely on fingerprint verification for the PS5, the company will kill two birds with one stone: It will be more difficult for hackers to steal accounts. And account sharing would no longer be possible. In order to use a friend's account on the PS5, the friend would have to be present locally – or at least his finger …

Before anyone comes up with crazy ideas: It is not certain that the PS5 controller will receive a fingerprint sensor. The patent does not explicitly name DualSense or PlayStation 5, it is only referred to as "devices". We will only find out whether the feature really comes when Sony reveals further information about the PS5 and the controller.

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