This is what the new image filters look like that the new MIUI 12 camera will bring

This is what the new image filters look like that the new MIUI 12 camera will bring

Beyond its complete facelift and spectacular animations, MIUI 12 brings certain improvements for its native applications . In addition to the new TikTok-style effects, the MIUI Camera application adds new filters that are more interesting.

Without a doubt, one of the most frequently used applications on our smartphone is the Camera application. Not only through the main social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, but also when taking notes, reminders, etc.

Xiaomi has realized this and together with MIUI 12 the firm has fully updated its Camera application. Now, we can not only configure its entire interface, but also make use of new pre-installed filters .

New night filters arrive in the MIUI 12 Camera application This is how the new image filters that the new MIUI 12 camera will look like. Xiaomi Addicts News

An example of this is the new Cyberpunk filter, a most striking effect that we can apply especially in night photographs resulting in a most striking and curious finish.

In addition to the Cyberpunk effect, Xiaomi has added new more complete and intelligent filters , which beyond modifying settings such as saturation, brightness or contrast, adapt photography using artificial intelligence .

That if, apparently, these filters will not be available for all Xiaomi mobile devices , with only the most powerful being compatible with these filters. This would be due to the need to make use of a greater potential for the process of modifying each image.

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