Final Fantasy 7 remake: waste recycling – the solution to the lever puzzle

Final Fantasy 7 remake: waste recycling – the solution to the lever puzzle

In the seventh chapter of "Final Fantasy 7 Remake", Cloud and his companions can recycle weapon modules from a combat robot. In the side waste recycling quest, you can even get a few valuable items out of the modules. But you have to solve a lever puzzle. We'll tell you how to do it now.

Cloud, Barret and Tifa have to deal with the mighty Airbuster from Shinra in the chapter called "With Mako you catch rats". You can determine how difficult the fight against the robot will be during the chapter, because the thing is not yet fully assembled. With several key cards, which you will find in the course of the chapter, you can transfer various weapon modules of the robot to the electronic waste.

This not only makes him weaker, but also brings you additional items. However, you first have to solve the lever puzzle mentioned above to get access to the waste recycling facility. We will explain everything important to you now.

The waste recycling plant is located here


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Immediately after the elevator you come to the waste recycling plant.

Even as you storm the floors of the Shinra building, Barret is keen to loot the waste treatment facility. You don't have to worry about missing the facility on the way up. It's pretty much at the end of the chapter.

After you have passed a few floors, the mini boss Serra appears. Defeat him and follow the passage the boss opened for you. The elevator at the end of the path takes you to a control center. A locked gate awaits you there. To open it, you have to go to the neighboring room and flip the lever synchronously on a control panel. The side quest for waste recycling also starts in the next room. If you manage once to pull all the levers in sync, the gate opens and the main quest continues. If you manage to turn the levers three more times at the same time, the door to the waste disposal facility opens, where you can loot useful items.

Tips for solving the lever puzzle


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Finding the right timing is not that easy.

The timing of the levers is a little tricky. You control the left lever with the left analog stick and the right one with the right stick. The screens on the control panel show you in which direction the levers have to be moved. For the right timing, Tifa counts: "One, two …". She only moves her two levers to "…". So only move the analog sticks in the indicated direction a moment after you have heard "two". If you're having trouble hitting the right time, counting to three in your head can help.

These treasures await you in the waste recycling plant


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Don't forget the magic boost materia in the system!

After you have overcome several security levels, the gate to the treasury finally opens. Run to the right in the chamber to find a magic boost materia. Then you can press the switch on the assembly line, causing the weapon modules of the combat robot to fall down and be plundered by you. Depending on which modules you have previously chosen, you will find different items. Including gigabombs, ki-cores, ether and phoenix feathers.


  1. You will receive the side quest waste recycling towards the end of chapter 7. In the quest you can get items from recycled weapon modules of a robot.
  2. You will get to the waste recycling facility, where you will also receive the quest, directly after the ride with the elevator.
  3. To open the locked gate to the waste recycling plant, you have to operate the lever synchronously.
  4. Make sure to only move the analog sticks after Tifa has said "two".
  5. In the waste recycling plant you will find a magic boost materia and various items.

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