The first beta of MIUI 12 reaches one million requests in just 24 hours

The first beta of MIUI 12 reaches one million requests in just 24 hours

Without a doubt, MIUI 12 has managed to excite us again . Not only for its new features, but for the facelift that its animations and interface in general have suffered, achieving a much more modern and attractive appearance.

Now, unlike what we found in MIUI 11, this new version of MIUI adds non-linear animations in true iOS style . In addition, its menus, applications and practically all the interactions and effects of the system take a more striking design adapted to the current market trend.

Almost 1 million requests in just 24 hours

Such has been the enthusiasm of the Mi Fans, that in just 24 hours almost a million requests have been reached to be able to test the first private beta of MIUI 12. Specifically, one day after MIUI 12 was presented, the figure reached 970,000 requests which also continue to increase.

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Animations of MIUI 12 that you have liked so much.

What's more, according to the first reports, while MIUI 12 was presented, the figure already reached 40 thousand requests , a quite high number that demonstrates the mess and the trust that the followers had placed in Xiaomi.

Meanwhile, internationally we are still waiting for Xiaomi to officially announce MIUI 12 Global . A presentation that could take place throughout this summer or even at the end of September, bordering on the month of September.

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