Be VERY alert! "The Last of Us 2" spoilers are exploited

Be VERY alert! "The Last of Us 2" spoilers are exploited

A warning to all gamers who only want to enjoy the story of "The Last of Us 2" for the release and without any spoilers: Spoiler videos are circulating on the Internet, which already show a lot of the gameplay as well as cutscenes and the main menu of the game. Sony is working to curb the distribution of the videos.

Sony has already managed to block the channel on which the spoiler videos for "The Last of Us 2" first appeared. Pushsquare reports. However, it is very likely that the videos have already been downloaded and appear again elsewhere. If you want to enjoy "The Last of Us 2" at the release without any prior knowledge, you should be very careful in the internet in the near future.

Spoiler videos should also show multiplayer code from "Factions"

How exactly the videos with the comprehensive spoilers got on the Internet has not yet been clarified. Probably these are recordings from an almost finished version of "The Last of Us 2". Originally, the game should have been released in May, but has been postponed indefinitely.

In addition to gameplay and cutscenes, which already reveal a lot about the plot of the game, unfinished multiplayer code should also be shown in the videos. Originally "The Last of Us 2" should also have a multiplayer mode. However, the implementation became too complex, and Naughty Dog decided to outsource the game mode to a spin-off called "Factions". That should have been released later after the release of "The Last of Us 2". With the postponement of the game, the release of the multiplayer spin-off is likely to be a long way off.


"The Last of Us 2" has been postponed indefinitely. A new release date is not known.

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