Home office: 6 ideas & gadgets for comfortable working at home

Home office: 6 ideas & gadgets for comfortable working at home

To set up an office within your own four walls, you need a laptop, headset, printer and the other basic technical equipment. But that is not enough for the certain feel-good factor in the home office. We have collected six ideas and gadgets that will help you do something good for your well-being and health when working at home.

Take place! Seat sensor Active Sitting Solution S 4.0

Seat sensor Active Sitting Solution S 4.0 from Garmin and Interstuhl

© 2018

The seat sensor is simply attached under the seat of the office chair.

Anyone who tends to crouch in front of the screen as Gollum from "The Lord of the Rings" in the home office, and therefore often has to deal with back pain after work, could be close to a solution: The approximately coin-sized seat sensor from Garmin and Interstuhl should Control your seating quality and improve your posture. The small device reminds you via the desktop app to change your seating position several times an hour and prompts you to do small movements. The sensor is available from the manufacturer at a price of around 70 euros.

Neck and back pain?

If the seat training has not yet worked for you, treat yourself to a massage after work. At SATURN you will find a large selection of practical massage devices .

Take a deep breath: air purifier Philips AC1214 / 10 1000i

Philips air purifier AC121410 1000i

© Philips via SATURN 2020

Not only suitable for the home office: The Philips air purifier should be so quiet that it can also be used in the bedroom or children's room.

The air in the home office can also be thick – not between colleagues, but literally! If you spend the dear long day in your four walls, you will not notice how the quality of the indoor air deteriorates. The Philips air purifier continuously controls the air and removes allergens, smoke, odors and bacteria from rooms up to 63 square meters in size. You won't run out of air as quickly as you work. The Philips AC1214 / 10 1000i is available from SATURN . If you like it a size smaller (and cheaper), go for a Beurer model or an Soehnle air purifier .

Clean work: Henry's keyboard vacuum cleaner

In the office, a lunch break with colleagues is a good idea, but unfortunately the reality is different in the home office: Many home workers tend to eat a quick snack at work. The result: crumbs and other dirt on and in the keyboard. To maintain the feel-good atmosphere in the home office, you should clean your keyboard regularly. The mini vacuum cleaner Henry is ideal as an everyday helper – and with its printed face ensures a good mood. The cute home office gadget is available from various online retailers from 18 euros.

For you, should it not only be clean, but also germ-free? Then go for Cyberclean cleaning compound at SATURN . The high-tech mass removes deep-seated dirt and germs without releasing moisture.

Move! Fitness tracker Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4 Lifestyle Sport Shot

© Fitbit / SOL STOCK LTD 2020

The Charge 4 regularly reminds you by means of a vibration alarm that you are moving sufficiently.

One of the disadvantages of the home office is the lack of exercise, as there is no need to go to the office and go for a walk with colleagues during lunch. Instead of crouching in front of your laptop all day, you should take several active breaks. Conveniently, many fitness trackers have a reminder function that reminds you to get up and move every hour.

The new Fitbit Charge 4 also has this feature. In addition, the tracker motivates you for daily walks with a step goal. Thanks to the integrated GPS, the fourth generation of the Charge also documents speed and distance for activities such as cycling and running. The Fitbit Charge 4 and the corresponding interchangeable wristbands in various looks are currently available from SATURN .

Standing man: standing desk attachment

Experts warn: Those who work a lot while sitting should get up from time to time to do something good for the back muscles and to get the circulation going. A height-adjustable standing desk can help to protect the back, but the purchase is quite expensive. The cheap alternative for the home office is a desk attachment. Whether as a simple cardboard system to increase or in the form of an adjustable notebook stand: Various models are available from online retailers for as little as 50 euros.

If you do not like to work standing, but want to prevent neck and back pain, you can use a notebook stand that lifts the device at eye level. This way you don't have to lower your head to look at the screen and avoid a crooked sitting posture. Matching models from Hama and Rain Design are available from SATURN .

Let there be light: Beurer TL 50 daylight lamp

Daylight lamp Beurer TL 50

© Beurer 2020

The Beurer TL 50 daylight lamp should ensure that you feel more awake when used every day.

Many people in the home office not only struggle with a lack of exercise and fresh air, but also with constant fatigue and lack of energy. This lack of strength is often related to a lack of light: if people leave the house less often, the body gets less daylight. As a result, it produces less of the happiness hormone serotonin and more of the sleep hormone melatonin – you get tired and unconcentrated. You can counteract this negative effect with a daylight lamp. Models with different light intensities are available from Beurer and Medisana at SATURN . The Beurer TL 50 model is suitable as a starter variant .

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