USB charger: 9 recommended models for your smartphone

USB charger: 9 recommended models for your smartphone

Anyone looking for a suitable USB charger for their smartphone faces an unmanageable flood of products. With our suggestions we bring a little order to the huge range.

1. ISY IWC-1800


© ISY / Imtron 2020

The ISY IWC-1800 is a simple USB-C power supply.

The IWC-1800 from ISY is an inexpensive quick charger with USB-C connection. Assuming a suitable charging cable, it is suitable for every smartphone. The maximum supported charging power is 18 watts.

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2. Belkin Boost Charge

Belkin boost batch

© Belkin 2020

The Belkin power supply has two connectors.

The Belkin Boost Charge Power Supply has two ports: USB-A and USB-C. It is particularly flexible to use and can even charge two devices at the same time. The charging power via USB-A is a maximum of 12 watts, up to 27 watts are possible via USB-C.

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3. Hama Prime Line

Hama Prime Line

© Hama 2020

The Hama power supply supports Quickcharge 3.0.

Hama Prime Line is a power supply that can handle Qualcomm Quickcharge 3.0. It can therefore charge smartphones that also support the process very quickly. According to the manufacturer, the maximum charging power is 19.5 watts.

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4. Samsung charger EP-TA845 with 45 watts


© Samsung 2020

The EP-TA845 is a very powerful power supply for Samsung flagships.

Owners of a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ or Galaxy S20 are currently unable to find a more efficient charger: the EP-TA845 is not very cheap, but achieves a charging power of up to 45 watts. It is only connected via USB-C.

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5. Apple USB-C power adapter with 30 watts

Apple USB-C power supply

© Apple 2020

The Apple power supply is actually intended for MacBooks.

If you want to charge your iPhone particularly quickly from the iPhone XS model, you can use Apple's USB-C power supply. This is actually intended for MacBooks, but also works with smartphones and has a maximum charging power of 30 watts.

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6. Huawei Supercharge 2.0

Huawei Supercharge-2

© Huawei 2020

The Huawei power supply is already included in many smartphones.

Huawei users can also charge their smartphone very quickly. The Supercharge 2.0 power supply is included with the flagship devices from the Mate 20 Pro ex works, but can also be purchased separately. The maximum charging power of the Supercharge 2.0 is 40 watts.

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7. Cellular Line Multipower 2 Pro +


© Cellular Line 2020

The charger has two quick connections.

The charger with the bulky name Multipower 2 Pro + has USB-A as well as a USB-C connection, so it can charge two devices at the same time. Both connections deliver a maximum charging power of 18 watts each.

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8. Hama Lightning


© Hama 2020

Hama offers a cheap alternative to the expensive Apple power supply.

If the original Apple power supply is too expensive, Hama will give you a cheap alternative. The Hama Lightning power adapter also charges supported iPhones very quickly, the power is up to 30 watts.

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9. Anker PowerPort 10

Anchor Powerport-10

© Anker 2020

Anker's PowerPort 10 can charge a number of devices in parallel.

If you need a little more, Anker's PowerPort 10 can help. The charger has a full ten USB ports and can charge a corresponding number of devices at the same time. However, this is not particularly quick: the maximum power of 60 watts is distributed across all ports.

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A charger cannot do magic

The manufacturers of chargers often advertise at very high charging speeds – but that does not automatically mean that your smartphone can be charged quickly. For example, if the cell phone only supports a charging power of up to 10 watts, it will only charge with this power.

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