That's why a sonic toothbrush was the best purchase of my life

That's why a sonic toothbrush was the best purchase of my life

Can an electric toothbrush change life? For me the answer is: yes! My sonic toothbrush from Philips is one of the best purchases of my life.

I've always loved brushing my teeth. I love the feeling of smooth surfaces, the slightly minty, sharp and tingling freshness on the tongue, the clean shine of my smile. But to achieve that, I cleaned too hard for years. My dentist says a fatal mistake that almost every patient makes.

Brushing too hard, pressing too hard – the consequences were bleeding gums and exposed tooth necks, which were sensitive to cold and heat. No matter. The main thing was that the teeth were smooth and white. The compromise between "looking good" and "feeling good" came about two years ago – in the form of the Sonicare DiamondClean sonic toothbrush, which costs more than 200 euros. The best purchase of my life.

Philips Sonicare Diamondclean

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The handpiece is light, the charging case is very practical when traveling. And the brush heads can be changed at any time.

Why I chose this Philips toothbrush

Admittedly, it was difficult for me to switch from a manual to an electric toothbrush. My mother offered to test her Sonicare DiamondClean after I told her about my problems – with a new brush head, of course. Said and done.

The first cleaning was … unusual. My whole head vibrated, the feeling was oppressive, the handling strange. Toothpaste splashed on the sink and mirror, and the brush stopped suddenly when I didn't hold it properly to my teeth. So my first experiences with the sonic toothbrush were mixed. But I continued to practice for a week. Because one thing struck me from the start: my teeth were smooth and clean like never before. Without bleeding gums. At the end of the week, love was great and there was no other toothbrush for me.

Philips Sonicare Diamondclean

© 2020

I am more attached to my plants than to technology. Except when it comes to my electric toothbrush.

That's what makes the Philips SoniCare so good

More than 200 euros for a toothbrush – you can argue whether it has to be. For me personally, it was a worthwhile investment in long-term dental health. And that's not an empty advertising promise. Bleeding gums is a thing of the past – and I stopped scrubbing enamel and gums.

The Philips SoniCare DiamondClean does not allow me to scrub too aggressively. If I press too hard, it stops automatically until I reduce the pressure on my teeth. I should only slide it lightly over my teeth, the rest is done by myself. The bristles on the brush head swing back and forth about 30,000 times per minute, providing gentle vibrations for cleaning – the main feature of a sonic toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes with rotating brush heads, on the other hand, can attack sensitive gums even more than manual brushing.

The rapid movements of the bristles of my sonic toothbrush also foam up the mixture of toothpaste and water and rinse it through the spaces between my teeth. For the past two years, I have no longer needed dental floss – and still have neither tartar nor tooth decay.

Is there anything wrong with the Philips sonic toothbrush?

For me, the SoniCare DiamondClean is a lifesaver. I even say that there is no better way to brush your teeth. But probably not everyone wants to spend that much money on a toothbrush. And the ongoing costs for new minds also add up. In addition, the sonic toothbrush consumes electricity, making it much more expensive overall than a normal manual toothbrush from a drugstore.

However, if you are struggling with problems like mine – sensitive gums, sensitive tooth enamel – there is hardly a better toothbrush for you.

advantages disadvantage
+ Protection against excessive scrubbing and pressing through automatic shutdown – High acquisition costs (depending on the model from 200 euros)
+ Different types of brush heads (e.g. for healthier gums) – Comparatively high ongoing costs for brush heads (about 20 euros for four pieces)
+ Better removal of plaque than with a manual brush – Getting used to handling
+ Additional floss cleaning is not necessary – Increased electricity consumption through regular charging

Improvement in quality of life: visual and tangible

It may sound pathetic, but I don't want to live without my Philips sonic toothbrush. I owe her permanently beautiful and above all healthy teeth. My gums no longer bleed – and the teeth that are sensitive to pain are also history.

Everyone who has had a toothache knows what a gain in quality of life that is. Every morning and every evening. Yes, it made my life exhausting and I was in a bad mood at 7 a.m. Now that's different. And I look better. Mostly because I smile more. It's also nice, such a pain-free life.

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