Disney +: use trial subscription and cancel again – but how?

Disney +: use trial subscription and cancel again – but how?

Are you still unsure whether you should subscribe to the Disney + streaming service? Then use the seven-day free trial subscription. If the Disney + offer does not convince you, you can cancel in good time.

You start the trial subscription from Disney + via the website of the streaming service . You will find a button directly on the start screen that you can use to start for free.

Payment information despite free trial?

When you sign up, you can put the whole Disney + range to the test for seven days. To do this, however, you need to enter an email address, set a password and provide payment information – even if you only want to try Disney + for free.

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You do not have an account? Then it's time! It starts with a free trial period of seven days.

The reason for this is obvious: The streaming provider protects itself in this way if you do not cancel the trial subscription in good time. Then the free subscription automatically becomes a paid one.

Monthly or annual subscription?

If Disney + asks you to provide payment information, you have to make a decision: If you want to continue using Disney + after the seven days, do you want to pay monthly and the one-time annual fee?

As I said: At this time, no money will be withdrawn from you. This only happens when the trial subscription has expired and you have not canceled.

Cancel trial subscription

In order to cancel your trial subscription from Disney + in good time, it is advisable to enter a reminder in the calendar or save it in your smartphone. Tip: Decide after six days at the latest. In this way you can be sure that you will not sweat the notice of termination and that the subscription will not be extended unintentionally.

You cancel the test phase by going to "Account" in your profile and clicking on "Billing data" in the subscription area. In a new window you will find an overview of the information about when something is debited from your bank account for the first time. You can delete your account via "cancel subscription" – the trial subscription is also canceled.

After the trial subscription is before the monthly or annual subscription

Did you decide to keep Disney + after the seven days? Then you do not need to do anything else, the subscription is automatically extended.

Remember: If you have decided on an annual subscription, the due costs of 69.99 euros will be debited from your account immediately after the trial subscription has expired. The price is valid for twelve months. However, if you opt for monthly installments, you will be deducted 6.99 euros, but you can cancel the subscription after each month.


  • Go to the Disney + website.
  • Start the free test phase with the button.
  • Store payment information, but only for security, if you want to switch from the trial subscription to the paid subscription.
  • Create a reminder in the calendar or smartphone to cancel the trial subscription in good time.

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