Rice cooker: How to find the right one from 6 different devices

Rice cooker: How to find the right one from 6 different devices

The rice cooker: The kitchen appliance is underestimated, but it is a true all-round talent. Here you can find out what makes the following six models and who is right for whom.

Ever prepared loose rice in a saucepan? Then you know the result: either it is too hard, overcooked or burned to the ground. A rice cooker can help here: the grains are gently cooked and rise under ideal conditions. This creates a delicate taste and all important nutrients are preserved. But which model is right for you? Here you can find out what is important and which device is ideal for you.

Rice is not just rice: pay attention to the shape

Which rice cooker should move in with you depends above all on which rice you prefer to eat:

  • Fore and Southeast Asian rice varieties consist of thin, long grains. This includes, for example, basmati rice.
  • By contrast, East Asian varieties, such as sushi rice, are short and round.

In the Near East, the grains must be clearly separated from one another and develop a brown crust. This so-called Thadig occurs when the rice cooker gets very hot very quickly – and is strongly heated again at the end of the cooking process. In contrast, in East Asia the rice must be snow-white and sticky. Japanese and Korean rice cookers use low and constant temperatures.

Before you buy, ask yourself what rice you usually eat – and whether it can be crusty or not.

Russell Hobbs rice cooker: multifunctional device like in Japan

In the land of the rising sun, rice cookers not only have to cook rice, but also steam vegetables, cook fish and prepare desserts. The multicooker from Russel Hobbs works on the same principle: You can prepare a wide variety of dishes in it – and so gently that all important vitamins and nutrients are preserved.

The device is particularly suitable for you if you have little space in the kitchen or maybe even no oven. You still don't have to do without cake or gratin. The multi-cooker is a rice cooker, steam cooker, slow cooker, bread maker, oven and saucepan in one. And you can prepare any type of rice in it.

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Tristar rice cooker: perfect for a single household

The ideal device for you is space-saving and fulfills its purpose very simply? The Tristar rice cooker should fit even in a very small kitchen. With a capacity of three cups of rice, it is ideal for a single household. After all, you only cook small portions for yourself and do not need large kitchen appliances.

Practical: The keep warm function starts automatically when the rice is cooked. If you also prepare other dishes, you do not have to fear that the rice will burn or become cold. Ideally, you cook short-grain rice in it, something from China or Japan.

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Tefal rice cooker: All family members will be satisfied

Tefal rice cooker

© Tefal 2020

The Tefal rice cooker is so big that dinner fits in for the whole family.

If you want to cook rice for the whole family regularly, a model from Tefal is suitable. Around 1.8 liters of rice fit in the rice cooker – you should be able to fill a family of five without any problems. You can also put a steam basket in the device. Vegetables and fish are carefully prepared there.

So you only need one device for a whole meal and cook relatively stress-free. The rice cooker is particularly suitable for short and medium-sized grains of rice.

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Gastroback rice cooker: three liters of cooking space

Gastroback rice cooker

© Gastroback 2020

Rice cooker and steam cooker in one: A lot of rice fits in the Gastroback rice cooker and also a large steam basket.

Should it be a little bit bigger? The Gastroback rice cooker scores with three liters of cooking space. That means: Even at family celebrations there is enough rice for everyone. The keep-warm function ensures that your guests don't have to eat a second portion of rice cold.

If everything is eaten, you can clean the saucepan quickly and easily thanks to the non-stick coating. The coating makes the rice cooker suitable for all types of rice, including Asian sticky rice.

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Cuckoo rice cooker: high-end model from South Korea

Particularly demanding rice eaters who want to taste subtle differences are well-ordered with a high-end model from Cuckoo: Various cooking programs prepare rice in several ways, for example with steam or a lot of pressure. This means that the grains always sprout a little differently and develop different flavors.

You should use short-grain rice, such as Korean bakmi or Japanese sushi rice. Thai jasmine rice also works well because it can withstand long cooking times at medium temperatures. Basmati rice, on the other hand, loses its consistency.

Pars Khazar: Persian rice cooker for Thadig

If you want to prepare rice like in a Persian restaurant, you need a special rice cooker. The Pars Khazar models are designed to produce the Thadig, the golden brown crust. For this purpose, the devices work with great heat to crust water and rice on the ground. Don't worry, the rice cookers don't burn the rice.

Tip: Use long-grain basmati rice and put it unwashed in the rice cooker. That guarantees the Thadig.

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