Xiaomi quotes us this March 16 to present a new product equipped with wireless charging

Xiaomi quotes us this March 16 to present a new product equipped with wireless charging

After the presentation of the new Redmi Note 9 Pro and Redmi Note 9 Pro Max , Xiaomi India seems to continue to be ready to surprise us with new devices. And is that, as confirmed by the firm itself through its Twitter, this March 16 will be released a new product equipped with wireless charging .

Without a doubt, wireless charging is here to stay. Whether at work, on our nightstand, or even in the car, this technology makes it easy for us to quickly have a power source with which to recharge our smartphone or certain gadgets.

In view of this, Xiaomi already has various smartphones equipped with wireless charging, as well as charging bases. In addition, as has already been seen through several certifying units, your next wireless headphones will also have this type of charge.

A new product with wireless charging, gadget or smartphone?

In order to expand this range of products, Xiaomi India has announced via Twitter that a new product equipped with wireless charging will be presented this March 16 . Something quite curious if we consider that currently this market does not have smartphones with this type of charge .

To date, only the latest Mi Mix, as well as the latest flagships under the Mi series have incorporated this type of technology, smartphones that are currently not available in India if we access their official website .

That is why although the announcement and the image added on Twitter may seem like it is a new Power Bank with wireless charging , it is extremely rare that this type of gadget really is when Xiaomi does not have compatible smartphones with wireless charging in the India.

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The same happens with a new smartphone, it would be quite questionable to think that it is a smartphone with wireless charging and that to date there have been no signs of life. Therefore, we can only wait and see if the firm reveals any other details between now and March 16.

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