Everything we know about the new Redmi Note 9 and Note 9 Pro that will be presented on March 12

Everything we know about the new Redmi Note 9 and Note 9 Pro that will be presented on March 12

In just a few days, Redmi will announce its new mid-range to the world. We talked about the new Redmi Note 9 that will be presented this March 12 in India and in an event only broadcast online as a security measure against the coronavirus.

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After the great success reaped by the Redmi Note 7 and its more than 20 million units sold worldwide , the launch of a new Redmi Note has become an event of great expectation and where generally, no My Fans is left indifferent.

Looking ahead to it and collecting all the data that have been appearing around this new generation, then we will collect all the official data, as well as rumors, which today reflect a brief look at how the Redmi could be Note 9 and Redmi Note 9 Pro .

Redmi Note 9, the new candidate to reign the mid-range

Camera : On many occasions, Redmi India has published the hashtag #ProCamerasMaxPerformance on Twitter mentioning the photographic section of the new Redmi Note 9. A small but great detail that makes us think that this new mid-range will make a great leap in terms of quality Photographic refers.

It is confirmed, the new Redmi Note 9 will be presented this March 12 with a spectacular rear camera. Xiaomi Addicted News

Without going any further and being fully confirmed with the first official advertising teaser, the Redmi Note 9 will make use of a total of 4 cameras equipped with a new design in square format .

According to rumors and considering that the Redmi Note 8 was presented with a combination of 48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP, it is very likely that the new Redmi Note 9 of the jump to at least 64MP on its main photographic sensor and improve also each of the other sensors.

Processor and Screen : In addition to the jump in photographic quality, the new Redmi Note 9 will incorporate a more powerful processor than the Snapdragon 665 found in the Redmi Note 8. In this way, everything suggests that this new generation will make the jump to the Snapdragon 720G , a new Qualcomm processor loaded with AI and with great potential to be a mid-range.

A new render shows us how the renewed design of the Redmi Note 9 will be. Xiaomi Addicted News

As far as the screen is concerned, it would be very rare for the Redmi Note 9 to make the leap to AMOLED panels mainly because its manufacturing price would rise with it. In this way, we are most likely facing a terminal with an LCD screen that will expand to a maximum of 6.53 inches .

In addition, as we have repeated on numerous occasions, it is very likely that this time the notch in the form of a drop of water is set aside to incorporate a selfie camera embedded in the screen .

The Redmi Note 9 Pro will outperform the Redmi K30 in performance. Xiaomi Addicted News

Battery and other features : Another of the official data by the brand is based on the increase in battery and also in the improvement of its fast charge. In this way, the Redmi Note 9 could house a battery of around 4,000-4,500mAh and improve its fast charge up to 22.5W according to one of the latest certifications filtered by the network.

Of rest, the Redmi Note 9 would arrive with Android 10 , probably a new system of recognition of fingerprints in the style Redmi K30 , that is, on one of its sides and of course, it would repeat audio jack connector and IR infrared port. Its price in the global market could start at 179 euros .

Redmi Note 9 Pro, maybe a Redmi K30 Global …

Processor : If we take into account the great success that the Redmi Note 8 Pro has had despite its numerous criticisms for incorporating a MediaTek processor, it would not be surprising if the same happened with the Redmi Note 9 Pro.

Still, if we consider the latest rumors, the Redmi Note 9 Pro presents for China and the one we know in the rest of the world could be totally different. Specifically, in the Asian market it could lead to a MediaTek Dimensity 800/1000 processor, to make use of an equivalent Qualcomm processor in the Global market.

Screen : As with the Redmi Note 9, this variant would lead to a screen with embedded selfie camera. In addition, its LCD panel could make use of a high refresh rate, reaching 120Hz.

Battery and Others : As far as battery is concerned, the new Redmi Note 9 Pro could eventually incorporate a 5,000mAh battery, with a fast charge of 22.5W , just like Redmi Note 9 itself.

The Redmi Note 9 will feature one of the most powerful fast charges in the mid-range. Xiaomi Addicted News

Of rest, we would be before a terminal with Android 10 , audio jack port and IR infrared port. Something very similar to what is offered by the Redmi K30 4G that is only sold in China and India (POCO X2). Likewise, its price in the global market could start at 250-279 euros .

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