Fujifilm: Instax Mini 11 & mirrorless X-T4 presented

Fujifilm: Instax Mini 11 & mirrorless X-T4 presented

Fujifilm introduced the entry-level instant camera Instax Mini 11 with automatic exposure and a macro mode. Also new: the mirrorless system camera X-T4 for professional photographers.

The Instax Mini 11 automatically adjusts the release time and the flash to the ambient light. Apart from the automatic exposure, the selfie mode is also worth mentioning. The user only has to pull the front edge of the lens out of the camera after switching it on. This feature can also be used for macro shots, since the minimum focus distance is reduced to 0.3 meters.

The highlight of the DSLM Fujifilm X-T4 is the 5-axis image stabilization built into the housing. This makes it easier to take good pictures with shaky hands and with some of the XF lenses an exposure time that is 6.5 stops longer is possible. The X-Trans-CMOS-4 image sensor adopted from its predecessor has a resolution of 26 megapixels.

X-T4 with fast continuous shooting and 4K HDR videos

The burst rate with mechanical shutter and AF / AE tracking is up to 15 frames per second, which is very fast. The autofocus should focus in just 0.02 seconds and offer better performance with face and eye recognition. 4K videos with 60 FPS and 10-bit colors are possible, whereby digital image stabilization counteracts blurring.

The display can now be freely swiveled and, like the predecessor, tilted. The screen resolution is 900 x 600 pixels and is therefore higher than the X-T3 with its 780 x 480 pixels. Fujifilm also refers to the new film simulation mode "Eterna Bleach Bypass", which simulates an effect that could be achieved in color film development. The new battery is said to create around 500 photos with one charge.

Instax Mini 11 is coming in March

For the X-T4, Fujifilm has not yet given any information on the price and release date. The Instax Mini 11 is scheduled to launch on March 5 or shortly thereafter. The US price is $ 70, the euro price is still unknown.

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