The Global version of the Xiaomi Mi 10 may take longer to arrive due to the Coronavirus

The Global version of the Xiaomi Mi 10 may take longer to arrive due to the Coronavirus

In its first days on sale, the Xiaomi Mi 10 managed to exhaust all its stocks in just 1 minutes. The Pro version did the same this morning, depleting about 40,000 units in a few but surprising 55 seconds.

Undoubtedly, a case of success if it were not for how complicated it is currently to replenish stock in China due to the Coronavirus that plagues the country. This was communicated by Pan Jiutang , one of the executives of the Xiaomi investment department, who said that once the current stock has been used up, the replacement of new units could take time to appear .

This is due to the closure experienced by Xiaomi production factories due to Coronavirus . And it seems that, although in principle the pace of sales and renewal of stock seem to be going on wheels, in the coming weeks supplies could be scarce.

Will it affect the global launch of the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro?

For a few days, Xiaomi Spain has been giving us small details about the characteristics of the two versions of its new flagship. A quite hopeful fact, but that apparently could lead to a delay in the launch of the Global version of the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro as indicated by the source.

Three features that went unnoticed in the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 10. Xiaomi Addicted News

And, as they have been reported from MovilZona , it is very possible that the arrival of the Xiaomi Mi 10 will suffer a significant delay in Spain and therefore, throughout Europe. A domino effect originating in China and the kaos that is lived in the country due to the coronavirus.

Even so, if we are governed by the presentation and launch dates of the past Xiaomi Mi 9, the Xiaomi Mi 10 should be presented before the end of this month of February, in order to launch it for sale throughout March. Do not forget to join our Telegram group on the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro where you can keep up to date with this and other news.

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