Destiny 2 Offense Quest: How To Get Exo Weapon

Destiny 2 Offense Quest: How To Get Exo Weapon

Not for the faint-hearted: the exotic handgun offense has cost the nerve of many guardians in duels. Have you ever wondered where your opponents got this weapon from and in which quest you get it? We'll tell you.

Where guardians fight guardians, it is the first choice: The Exo handgun offense is an integral part of "Destiny 2" in the melting pot or Gambit. It has enormous power and stability, is reloaded at lightning speed and shoots quite far (for a handgun). No wonder it's so popular.

Have you licked blood and also want to own the possessed handgun? Then prepare yourself for a quest with many steps.

Step 1: How to get the Offense Quest

Whether you get the Offense Quest is a coincidence. You have to play Gambit in normal mode – no Gambit Prime! As a prehistoric boss at the end of the round, the Ascendant Servitor has to spawn, an unsavory servitor with ulcers and tentacles. If you defeat him and win the gambit match, an exotic quest called "The Flowing Heart" will drop as a reward.

Unfortunately, the boss is pretty rare – and if your team loses the match, there is no quest for you. In case of doubt, it means: Grind until the drop is right.

Step 2: the vagabond and the possessed

If you got the quest, the next step is to vagabond in the tower. After you have addressed him, you have to fly to the Dreaming City in the next step, "City of Secrets". There you kill 25 possessed bosses or mini bosses.

The best way to do this is to fly into the Dreaming City and land in the Divalian Fog area. From there you head for the entrance to the Blind Spring. The opponents start attacking each other in front of the entrance about every 30 minutes. A lot of possessed mini-bosses, i.e. enemies with yellow life bars, are gradually appearing here.

Destiny 2 Get Offense Quest

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The vagabond in the tower is your contact person – and at the end of the quest, hand over the offense weapon.

Step 3: A special mission is waiting for you

If you have killed 25 possessed mini-bosses, the next quest step is waiting for you: In the Dreaming City you can choose a mission variant of the strike "The Corrupted". The mission is very demanding and your enemies are strong – your power level will be adjusted downwards. If you play "Destiny 2" with friends, you should ask them to help you. The mission alone is almost impossible to accomplish and quickly becomes frustrating.

At the end of the mission you will discover a new lore entry and continue to the quest step "Exhausted weapon core".

Step 4: Back to the vagabond and into the gambit

After the mission you visit the vagabond again. He gives you the order to play gambit. You have to drop particles of darkness into the bank and win matches. A win gives ten percent progress, five particles released bring one percent progress. That means:

  • You have to drop a total of 500 particles into the bank. Caution: If you die and lose particles, they will be deducted from your progress. So rather play carefully.
  • You have to win a total of ten gambit matches. Luckily, a defeat is not a minus.
destiny-2-gambit-prime (19)

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Warning: Progress on the offense quest is only available in normal Gambit, not in Gambit Prime!

Step 5: gambit, gambit, gambit!

The next quest step called "Lights out" takes you back to the Gambit. The step is divided into two halves:

  • Defeat a total of 25 enemy Guardians, i.e. intruders on your field, or kill intruders in their arena.
  • As an intruder, defeat all four enemy Guardians in a single invasion. If you are not the best intruder, there is a little help: If you play with a friend in the task force, he can kill four guardians at once as an intruder. In return you get 33 percent progress.
Destiny 2 offense

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Almost there! Offense is at your fingertips …

Step 6: rejoice in misconduct

Once you have mastered the gambit challenge, you will fly back to the vagabond on the turn. If you speak to him, he will finally give you offenses.

The exo handgun does bonus damage to possessed opponents and causes explosions if you critically shoot possessed five times. It is also particularly strong against Gambit intruders and is therefore played frequently.


  1. You get the quest for the exotic handgun offense as a random drop in Gambit.
  2. Do you have it, speak to the vagabond.
  3. Kill 25 possessed bosses or mini bosses.
  4. Play the variant of the "The Corrupt" strike.
  5. Go back to the vagabond and then fulfill his demands in Gambit matches (500 particles, 10 matches won).
  6. In the next step, defeat 25 Gambit Guardians and, as an intruder, kill all four opposing players in one invasion.
  7. Pick up an offense from the vagabond.

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