Xiaomi software chief drops that this year there will be no Xiaomi Mi 10 SE

Xiaomi software chief drops that this year there will be no Xiaomi Mi 10 SE

A few days ago Xiaomi presented its new generation of high-end smartphones. We talk about the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro , two high performance devices that also, as usual every year, give rise to the arrival of the rest of the Mi 10 family.

Even so, this year things could have changed and it is that as the head of the Xiaomi software department has dropped, it is very unlikely that we will see throughout this 2020 a renewal of the current Xiaomi Mi 9 SE .

Xiaomi «SE» line offers all users attracted to compact-sized smartphones a very good option without having to give up a quality product. Even so, the arrival of 5G and the low number of sales of these devices could have changed Xiaomi's strategy for this year.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 SE could have been Xiaomi's latest compact-sized device

This has been dropped by the head of Xiaomi software product, who responding to several users who asked about the younger brother of the new Xiaomi Mi 10, has clarified that compact smartphones do not live their best moment .

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In addition, according to the director added, the arrival of 5G has not favored the development of these devices, since this technology requires more batteries due to its high energy consumption.

This controversy was joined by Wang Teng Thomas, product manager of Xiaomi, who added that it is increasingly difficult to design and manufacture high-end devices without exceeding the size limits demanded by the real objective of a compact smartphone.

Without a doubt, very bad news that although it does not confirm that we will not see a Xiaomi Mi 10 SE this year, if it could lead to its arrival being delayed or even its characteristics are not expected due to the limits of current technology and of 5G.

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