For a clear view: 6 electric window vacs

For a clear view: 6 electric window vacs

Cleaning windows is tedious and time-consuming – work is easier with electric window vacuums. The devices complete several steps in one wash, and no dirty water runs down the sides. We present six window cleaners, four cordless window vacuums and two wired window cleaning robots. We have arranged the products in price – starting with the cheapest.

Window vacuum cleaners are a combination of window pullers and hand-held vacuum cleaners; they are also suitable for cleaning mirrors and tiles. The gadgets cost between 30 and 250 euros and are usually sold as a set, consisting of a spray bottle with a wiper attachment for washing in the window and the battery puller. The vacuum cleaner draws the dirty water from the rubber lip inwards into the collecting container. If you want to clean many windows in succession, you should pay attention to the size of the tank. One battery charge is sufficient for at least 100 square meters.

Window cleaning robots go one step further: they suck themselves in and clean the window independently in the automatic program. It has a price. In tests, however, the robots usually only perform mediocre, and conventional handheld devices are often unable to hold their own. When cleaning large window areas, however, the wired devices show their strength.

Vileda Windomatic Power

The Windomatic Power is an affordable entry-level model and is particularly suitable for cleaning a few, easily accessible windows. The compact device lies comfortably in the hand and can be operated with one hand. The manufacturer specifies the operating time as 40 minutes, which should be enough for up to 120 windows. Charging with a power supply takes around 3.5 hours. The tank of the Vileda window vacuum holds 100 milliliters and must be emptied accordingly frequently. A telescopic pole to reach higher windows without steps is not included.

A special feature of the Vileda Windomatic Power are its two power levels. At the push of a button, the window vacuum in Max mode increases its output by 50 percent. This is particularly effective on very wet surfaces. Some parts, including the removable waste water tank, are dishwasher safe.

RRP: 58 euros
Operating time: 40 minutes
Dirty water tank volume: 100 milliliters
Weight: 640 grams

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Leifheit Dry & Clean

The Dry & Clean from Leifheit draws off reliably in all directions, also cleans sloping skylights and surfaces overhead. Thanks to the practical click system, the Dry & Clean is compatible with the manufacturer's extensive range of accessories. These include the telescopic rod included in the scope of delivery and the Power Washer for washing in the windows and cleaning the window frames. For narrow lattice windows it is advisable to purchase the suction nozzle, which is only 17 centimeters wide. When fully charged, the window vacuum should create more than 100 square meters of glass. The automatic stand-by ensures a long service life: the window saucer only switches from power-saving mode to maximum suction when it comes into contact with the window pane.

RRP: 60 euros
Operating time: 35 minutes
Waste water tank volume: no information
Weight: 739 g

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Kärcher WV 6 + KV 4 Premium

With the Kärcher WV 6 + KV 4 Premium Package, you can clean all the glass and window surfaces of your house one after the other. According to the manufacturer, the window vacuum should manage up to 300 square meters or 100 minutes on one battery charge. If the gadget runs out of juice, the LED status display indicates this. It takes around three hours to fully charge the battery.

The Kärcher device can be easily operated with one hand. An extension bar for tall windows is not part of the set, but is available separately. In addition to a special cleaning fluid, the vibrating battery wiper KV 4 is included in the scope of delivery. It imitates scrubbing by hand and also removes stubborn dirt. The remaining liquid is sucked off with the cordless window vacuum WV 6.

RRP: 145 euros
Operating time: 100 minutes
Dirty water tank volume: 150 milliliters
Weight: 760 grams

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Vorwerk VG100

The VG100 window vacuum from Vorwerk does all the work steps in one go: moisten the pane, remove dirt and extract water. It is filled with five milliliters of cleaning fluid and 80 milliliters of water. That should be enough for 20 square meters of space. Cleaning overhead is also possible. The battery lasts around 30 minutes and takes six hours to be fully operational again.

The Vorwerk device weighs just under a kilogram and can be operated with one hand. Its cleaning results are impressive, but the VG100 is also the most expensive cordless window vacuum in the field at just under 250 euros. Stiftung Warentest criticized the volume as well as the restricted use in high windows despite the telescopic rod.

RRP: 249 euros
Operating time: 30 minutes
Dirty water tank volume: 85 milliliters
Weight: 995 grams

Blaupunkt Bluebot XWin Vibrate

The Bluebot XWin Vibrate from Blaupunkt is a wired window cleaning robot with a vibrating cleaning head. In combination with the patented wiping pad, the device should clean as effectively as if a human hand had swung the wiper. The automatic window vacuum has built-in navigation and joint sensors. This allows it to recognize where it is and where the surface ends – it is therefore also suitable for frameless windows and mirror surfaces, which it moves in a zigzag pattern. When the Bluebot XWin Vibrate is finished, it returns to its starting point. Optionally, you can control it using the directional arrows on the remote control.

Several safety devices are designed to prevent the window cleaning robot from being supported if the power fails or the plug is accidentally removed. In this case, the back-up battery switches on, which supplies the window vacuum with power for 15 minutes and thus holds it on the window. In the meantime, the warning light flashes and a buzzer sounds. The Bluebot XWin Vibrate also protects the safety rope, which is attached to the windshield using a suction cup.

RRP: 379 euros
Operating time: 15 minutes (in emergency mode )
Waste water tank volume: no information
Weight: 2,040 grams

Blaupunkt Bluebot XWin Vibrate

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Blaupunkt Bluebot XWin Vibrate: Window cleaning robot with a vibrating cleaning head.

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Ecovacs Winbot 950

The Winbot 950 from the vacuum robot specialist Ecovacs is also suitable for cleaning large and tall windows and mirror surfaces. The windows must be at least 60 centimeters wide. This is how it works: You place the device on the window and press the start button – first you connect the power cable to the socket and optionally attach the safety rope via a suction cup. The latter is particularly useful if you use the Winbot outdoors.

The window vacuum sucks after activation, pulls its way in automatic mode and does not fall even if the power connection is interrupted. This is ensured by the emergency battery, which holds it on the glass for up to 15 minutes. If you want, you can also control the Winbot 950 manually using the remote control. According to the manufacturer, the robot vacuum can handle heavily soiled surfaces, and the four-stage cleaning process should ensure a streak-free shine.

RRP: 449 euros
Operating time: 15 minutes (in emergency mode )
Waste water tank volume: no information
Weight: 3,300 grams

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