Look who knocks there: 5 surveillance cameras for outside

Look who knocks there: 5 surveillance cameras for outside

With smart security cameras for outdoors, you can keep an eye on your home from afar. If something suspicious happens, you will be alerted, can check the situation on your smartphone and react if necessary. We present five outdoor cams – from inexpensive to high-priced.

Outdoor security cameras are ideally linked to motion detectors: If a person moves on your property in the detection field of the detectors, the camera starts recording and sends a push message to their owner's smartphone. You can then contact the police if necessary and – if available – activate the integrated alarm siren. If the camera is installed in the entrance area and enables two-way communication like an intercom, you can speak to people standing in front of the door.

Surveillance cameras for the outdoor area must of course be weatherproof. It is also important that they deliver decent pictures even in poor lighting conditions – especially cheap models weaken here. The cameras are placed in sensitive areas such as the entrance door, patio door or cellar access.

The devices are also called IP cams for "Internet Protocol" because they are connected to the Internet via WLAN. The recording data is usually not saved on the camera itself, but on the Internet. The so-called cloud transmission should be encrypted so that unauthorized persons cannot access the data.

Makes alarm: Somfy outdoor camera

The Somfy outdoor camera records videos in Full HD quality within a radius of up to eight meters. It should also provide usable pictures at night. The security gadget detects movements on the property and then sends corresponding push messages, the built-in siren is 110 decibels as loud as a chainsaw.

If the offspring is alone at home and the doorbell rings, the kids can use a tablet or smartphone to check who is standing outside and communicate via the loudspeaker microphone without having to open the front door. The Somfy Protect app offers many setting options and guides you through the installation in just a few steps. The camera needs a socket or power line nearby, for example you can attach it directly next to the already installed outdoor lighting.

Viewing angle: 130 degrees
Battery operated: no
Two-way audio: yes
Supports: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

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Well camouflaged: Bosch Eyes

The Full HD outdoor camera Bosch Eyes is a combination of a stylish outdoor light and a modern security camera. You also need the Bosch Smart Camera app to monitor your property.

The cam will notify you by push message if something suspicious occurs in its field of detection. You can then use your smartphone to check that everything is right and to communicate via the integrated intercom. The recording and storage of up to 200 clips is free for 30 days. With the sharing function, you can give family members and friends limited time or permanent access to the live recordings. Bosch also emphasizes the high level of data security thanks to end-to-end encryption.

Price: 275 euros
Viewing angle: 120 degrees
Battery operated: no
Two-way audio: yes
Supports: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

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Ultra sharp: Arlo Pro 3

The Arlo Pro 3 outdoor camera is the current top model from Netgear, should be very robust and offer high video quality: The weatherproof IP cam records in 2K and should deliver much sharper images than Full HD models – even in color. The field of view is 160 degrees.
The highlight of the battery-operated surveillance camera for outdoors is the integrated LED headlight for better shots in poor lighting conditions. The light is activated automatically when the associated motion detector strikes, you can also switch it on manually. The alarm sound is 100 decibels loud, you can also use the loudspeakers to drive out unwanted visitors with your voice. The camera can even zoom in on people and keep them in the picture, even when they are moving.
To start up the Arlo Pro 3, you need a base station that you connect to your router. Recordings are stored in the cloud for a week free of charge, you can extend the storage period with a paid subscription.

Price: 279 euros (set with 2 cams + base station costs 599 euros)
Viewing angle: 160 degrees
Battery operated: yes
Two-way audio: yes
Supports: Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit and Google Assistant

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Really bright: Ring Floodlight Cam

The Ring Floodlight Cam HD surveillance camera has motion sensors, an alarm siren with 110 decibels, intercom function, two bright LED headlights and infrared mode for shooting at night.

The Floodlight Cam is permanently installed outdoors and requires a power connection. All materials required for assembly are included in the scope of delivery. The camera offers facial recognition and notifies its owner via the ring app if something suspicious happens. The device saves recordings in the cloud. For three euros a month, you can book the Ring Protect service and save, view and share recordings for up to 30 days.

Price: 299 euros
Viewing angle: 140 degrees
Battery operated: no
Two-way audio: yes
Supports: Amazon Alexa, Google Home

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Zooms in: Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

The Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is a smart surveillance camera for outdoor use with intercom, requires an external power supply. Thanks to the 4K image sensor, it should take extremely sharp pictures, the sound quality of the integrated intercom system should also be very high. The security camera learns over time, can identify family members and friends using facial recognition and thus distinguish them from strangers.

In the Nest app you can mark certain areas of your property that are particularly important to you. If something happens there, the camera automatically zooms in, takes detailed pictures and notifies you immediately. You can then speak directly to the person via your smartphone if necessary. The cam does not have a siren. The recordings are supposed to be stored particularly securely online, but you have to pay extra for the cloud storage.

Price: 379 euros
Viewing angle: 130 degrees
Battery operated: no
Two-way audio: yes
Supported: Google Assistant

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