OnePlus 8 Pro: Hands-on shows refresh rate options

OnePlus 8 Pro: Hands-on shows refresh rate options

We already know that the OnePlus 8 Pro will have an AMOLED display with support for up to 120 Hz. A photo of a hands-on now shows for the first time which options for the refresh rates the smartphone will offer.

The leaked photo of the OnePlus 8 Pro comes from True Tech , which, according to its own statement, has been publishing exclusive leaks from OnePlus smartphones for three years. The latest photo shows the refresh rate settings. You can choose from the options 120 Hz, 90 Hz and 60 Hz.

OnePlus-8 pro-leak-refresh rate

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You have the choice: 120 Hz, 90 Hz or 60 Hz.

120 Hertz is the gentlest, but uses more electricity

The options also contain brief explanations of what the respective setting does. So 120 Hertz offer maximum smoothness when scrolling and animations. However, a slightly higher energy consumption has to be accepted. The 90 Hertz option is a balanced mix of smoothness and battery life. Compared to the other two refresh rates, the smoothness when scrolling and the animations of 60 Hertz is of course the lowest. But the battery life increases slightly.

Can the OnePlus 8 Pro manage 120 Hertz at maximum resolution?

Unfortunately, you cannot see on the screen whether the resolution is automatically reduced when you select 120 Hertz. If the resolution of the display is actually reduced at 120 Hz, this information should actually be visible in the same settings. So it could be that even if you choose 120 Hertz, the screen will run at maximum resolution. However, True Tech notes that the settings screen may show incomplete information, as it may be an internal test device.

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