Bradley Cooper had his fingers on the final "Joker" cut in game

Bradley Cooper had his fingers on the final "Joker" cut in game

In the run-up to the Oscars 2020, "Joker" received 11 nominations. One of them was given to editor Jeff Groth, who now surprisingly explains that Hollywood star Bradley Cooper was instrumental in the creation process of the film.

Making a film is one thing. Another is to combine the numerous recordings in the editing room into one big whole while preserving the core of the film. In the case of "Joker", this task was with Jeff Groth, who relied on advice from a very well-known Hollywood star for the final cut: Bradley Cooper ("A Star is Born"), who was also involved in the film as a producer.

Bradley Cooper, the savior in need

"We initially only showed the film to related parties or filmmakers," Jeff Groth told Collider . "Bradley Cooper definitely came over several times. He was also on board as a producer, but he watched the film many times and sat with us. We could call him whenever we didn't know what to do."

Phoenix also got involved on average

Bradley Cooper seems to be the right person, especially when it comes to detailed questions: "He just doesn't miss anything," Groth laughs. "He was a huge help. I think he has a lot more experiences on average than many think."

However, someone else took a very close look at the cut: Joaquin Phoenix. "I think he was in the editing room more often than any other actor I've worked with," recalls Jeff Groth. Phoenix had always tried to experience the emotions in the editing room like the ones he experienced on the day of the shoot. "It's another interesting perspective, which is why I thank [director] Todd [Phillips] for bringing [Phoenix] with him."

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