This has been the hard adventure in Antarctica that has survived the Redmi Note 8

This has been the hard adventure in Antarctica that has survived the Redmi Note 8

As we anticipated yesterday, Xiaomi decided to carry out a curious new experiment in order to check the resistance of Redmi Note 8. On this occasion, Antárdia has been the destination where it has had to survive all kinds of extreme conditions, thus demonstrating the great endurance and the great quality with which Redmi makes all its smartphones.

In detail, the person in charge of bringing Redmi Note 8 to the remote landscapes of Antarctica has been Jackson Cheng . In his adventure and after a long journey of stopovers by plane, the adventurer treads for the first time on the frozen continent on January 8.

With hardly any contact with the outside and with temperatures below zero that just by imagining my fingers freeze when writing this article, the adventurer took the opportunity to photograph all kinds of animals that, beyond fleeing in the sight of a human, They seemed to pose before the camera of the Redmi Note 8.

In their adventure, Jackson Cheng and his Redmi Note 8 managed to survive not only the cold temperatures and freezing winds, but the contact with the ice of the immense iceberg , as well as a chilling immersion in the frozen waters of Antarctica.

Without further ado, we invite you to enjoy the summary video located above, as well as the small logbook that you can find in My Community fully translated into Spanish. In it you can check with every detail every day, including the long journey to reach Antarctica, which faced Jackson Cheng.

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