POCOPHONE becomes a totally independent brand and says goodbye to Xiaomi

POCOPHONE becomes a totally independent brand and says goodbye to Xiaomi

A little over a year ago, Xiaomi announced how its Redmi product line would become a completely independent brand. A market strategy that as confirmed today by the CEO of Xiaomi India, has happened again but this time with POCOPHONE .

Specifically, it has been Manu Jumar Jain who through Twitter has announced that POCOPHONE will become a totally independent brand as of today . In this way, the firm that debuted with the POCO F1 will no longer be a sub-brand to start a new road alone, saying goodbye to Xiaomi.

Now that POCOPHONE has been proclaimed as a brand without any relationship with Xiaomi, it is expected that the Indian-based firm and led by the POCO Team, surprise with new gadget-shaped products in addition to its expected POCO F2.

Even so, it is still unclear if with this new market strategy the next smartphone will continue to carry MIUI as an operating system. In addition, it is in doubt if in any way, this new decision will affect the next updates of the current POCO F1.

As we said, a very surprising news and that we will only have to wait and see what POCOPHONE has prepared for us now that it does not depend on Xiaomi and that it will undoubtedly go for all offering as it happened with the POCO F1, devices High performance mobiles at laughing prices.

Source | Twitter

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