Xiaomi puts on sale in Youpin a new gadget that will become essential in your travels

Xiaomi puts on sale in Youpin a new gadget that will become essential in your travels

Practically every day Xiaomi surprises us with new products for sale on Youpin . This time he does it with a curious 3-in-1 Power Bank that also includes a charge transformer for use in any country in the world and a fully integrated wireless charging base.

This new Power Bank called MR Charger CH06 has been manufactured by IDMix, has a size of 121x66x31mm and weighs only 290 grams . As you will appreciate, a fairly compact design for everything it offers us.

In detail we are faced with a 10,000mAh Power Bank that integrates two ports, a USB-A and a USB Type C. In addition, as a curiosity it integrates a transform with interchangeable connectors so it will help us to charge our smartphone directly from the electrical outlet regardless of whether the socket is European , American / Japanese or English .

In addition, if we connect the MR Charger CH06 directly to electricity, its two ports are capable of supplying a load power of up to 30W . Thanks to this we can not only charge our smartphone but also all types of laptops with USB Type-C port, drones or even game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch .

On the other hand, if we use the MR Charger CH06 as a simple Power Bank we can make use of its sockets with a load power of up to 18W . In addition, if that is not enough, this gadget includes a small wireless charging base of 10W power (adapts to a power of 5, 7.5 and 10W depending on the mobile terminal).

In this way, this Power Bank allows us to simultaneously load up to 3 devices , one wirelessly and two through its USB-A and USB Type-C ports.

Price and availability

New gadget essential for Xiaomi travel on Youpin. Xiaomi Addicted News

This new gadget that undoubtedly becomes an essential accessory for your trips will be released on January 17 . Its price is only 358 yuan, about 47 euros to change ($ 50). From then on it is very likely that we will see it for sale in the main resellers.

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