Xiaomi launches a new and colorful logo to celebrate its 10th anniversary

Xiaomi launches a new and colorful logo to celebrate its 10th anniversary

This 2020 Xiaomi will celebrate its tenth anniversary, a long journey that began on April 6 and now, almost ten years later, the firm presents a new and colorful logo that is partly much more polished and representative but that reminds us in part to Google.

Since 2010 Xiaomi has remained true to its philosophy of bringing the wonders of technology at a price almost affordable to any pocket . Smartphones, televisions, appliances and a wide range of products that in these almost 10 years have marked a before and after in the fact of being able to acquire quality technology without having to throw the house through the window.

New logo in celebration of its tenth anniversary

Now it has been Xiaomi's own CEO who, through Weibo, has presented the video that we can see under these lines. In it we are shown a colorful logo where different colors are combined such as red, yellow, green and blue (yes, like Google or even Microsoft).

Xiaomi presents its new logo to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Xiaomi Addicted News

New Xiaomi logo in celebration of its 10th anniversary.

In itself, this new logo shows us the design of a central cross in orange with four points in its diagonals that would represent the fundamental pillars of the brand and its strategy for the coming years.

Of rest, the Lei Jun has not specified if it really is the new corporate logo that the firm will use from now on or if it is only a new design in order to celebrate this 2020 its 10 years of stock offering us the best of Technology together with the best quality / price. And you, what do you think of this new logo? Do not forget to leave your comment.

Source | Weibo

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