Xiaomi begins to deploy new customizable backgrounds for MIUI Always on Display mode

Xiaomi begins to deploy new customizable backgrounds for MIUI Always on Display mode

With the arrival of MIUI 11 we have not only received new features, but Xiaomi has also done a great job renewing part of the features that already had its personalization layer. A continuous improvement work that now joins new customizable funds for the attractive Always On Display that has been so well received.

This has been confirmed by Jin Fan, Xiaomi product manager as well as head of the MIUI user interface department, revealing the new customizable redesign of Always On Display that we will find in the next updates of MIUI 11.

Specifically, these new funds that remain active on the screen and that, thanks to the nature of AMOLED panels, do not imply considerable energy consumption, can be configured with a digital clock together with a fully customizable text . In this way, beyond being able to change the various clocks that the Always On Display mode already allowed us, we can configure any text that we want to be always active on the screen .

In addition, the appearance of this new background maintains extremely minimalist lines, also combining with the rest of the features of the Always On Display mode, such as the notification of notifications by means of the «breath » effect of the text displayed.

For now, this new functionality is only found in the beta of the Chinese ROM of MIUI, although Jin Fan has confirmed it will arrive shortly to the stable version of it. Undoubtedly, an extremely attractive utility if we not only consider it as an appearance as a decoration, but also as a way of always having visible some text that we need to remember throughout the day.

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