MIUI 11 will add a new setting that will allow us to calibrate the screen of our smartphone

MIUI 11 will add a new setting that will allow us to calibrate the screen of our smartphone

in an advanced way

Since the arrival of MIUI 11 Xiaomi has not stopped launching new functionalities and settings for its famous customization layer. A continuous work that has done today has made MIUI recognized as one of the most advanced and customizable layers of the Android landscape.

And, as the XDA-Developers team has discovered, the Xiaomi is finalizing a new adjustment that will allow us to calibrate various color and saturation parameters, among others, on the screen of our smartphone.

Specifically, this new option located within the MIUI Settings application has been discovered in the latest private beta published by Xiaomi. From it we can control and calibrate various aspects of the screen, allowing us to also choose between four available color profiles : Enhanced, Original, P3 and sRGB.

Likewise, this new option will allow us to adjust the levels of red, green and blue color within the RGB color space . In addition, we can calibrate the hue adjustment, saturation, contrast or even adjust a specific value within the HSV color space.

As we adjust the multitude of parameters that allow us to calibrate this new option, these will be displayed as a preview in a small image located at the top of the window. In this way we can save or discard the changes as we go "playing" with the various settings.

It should be noted that this new functionality is only available in the private beta version of MIUI 11 . Therefore, it will not be until several weeks or even months after we see it reach the Global or European version of MIUI.

Source | XDA-Developers

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