Xiaomi adds up to 204 new wallpapers to MIUI

Xiaomi adds up to 204 new wallpapers to MIUI

Since the launch of MIUI 11 Xiaomi has not stopped adding new features to its famous customization layer. Whether it's the new Solar Light Mode , the meditation mode and the new customization mechanics of the Always On Display, the firm never ceases to surprise us by expanding its system with interesting features.

This time it's the turn of the wallpapers, and as the company itself has informed through Weibo, 204 new funds will arrive in MIUI . In detail, these new backgrounds are solid color and cover a wide variety of shades.

In addition, Xiaomi has added various classic / traditional shades of China , separating each color palette by categories until it has no less than 204 new wallpapers .

For now, these new funds are not available in MIUI although as reported by the company itself shortly we will see them available for download from the store of customization themes (now only available in China and other regions).

Source | Weibo

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