Redmi will expand its range of economic products with a new peephole with smart bell

Redmi will expand its range of economic products with a new peephole with smart bell

In addition to the new Redmi K30 and its 4G and 5G versions, this December 10 we will meet new products from the economic sub-brand of Xiaomi. And, the already confirmed Redmi AC1200 and Redmi IA Speaker Play will be joined by a new peephole with smart bell.

This has been confirmed throughout the morning by the firm, presenting the advertising teaser that we can see under these lines. Specifically we would be at the first Redmi smart peephole , incorporating doorbell, night vision and light, as well as connection via Bluetooth or WiFi for configuration and management through our smartphone.

It is expected that this new gadget for home is very similar to the smart peephole presented by Xiaomi long ago , incorporating a smart front camera as a peephole, connected to a small screen from where we can control all its functionalities.

Redmi will present its new doorbell with smart peephole next to the Redmi K30. Xiaomi Addicted News

Teaser advertising the new doorbell / smart peephole of Redmi.

In addition, this smart peephole would be able to scan and recognize any individual who comes to our door , subsequently informing in our smartphone the various details that characterize the person in question.

Undoubtedly, a very interesting product that can also have an attractive price as it is a Redmi product. With this, the sub-brand of Xiaomi would continue betting on its strategy of launching new products even cheaper , not only smartphones but all kinds of gadgets and accessories for our home.

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