It is confirmed, the new Redmi K30 will integrate the fingerprint reader into one of its sides

It is confirmed, the new Redmi K30 will integrate the fingerprint reader into one of its sides

Yesterday we met the final design that will take the new Redmi K30 . Lines that closely resemble the front and the selfie camera embedded in the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10, as well as the area of the rear cameras and vertical layout of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

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Recall that the new Redmi K30 will become this December 10 in the replacement of the current Redmi K20 / Xiaomi Mi 9T. A new generation that will result in a smartphone equipped with 5G connectivity of type NSA and SA together with a new fingerprint reader located on one of its sides, as confirmed by the firm itself today.

Specifically, it has been through the profile of Redmi in Weibo where the Xiaomi sub-brand published the advertising teaser that we can see under these lines. They show us one of the edges of the expected Redmi K30, showing its long fingerprint sensor .

The expected Redmi K30 will incorporate fingerprint reader on its side. Xiaomi Addicted News

Redas K30 advertising teaser published on Weibo.

With this, the brand would bet on a radical change in its tendency to incorporate fingerprint readers on the screen, positioning itself for this type of sensors much more precise but especially fast . In addition, this change could lead to the Redmi K30 integrating an IPS screen and consequently lower costs by not having to integrate an AMOLED type.

Undoubtedly, a whole evolution that gradually demonstrates the trend that will take much of the next smartphone of the firm that we see throughout 2020. Be it the selfie camera embedded in the screen or the fact of incorporating 5G connectivity in terminals not exceeding € 300-350, could mark a before and after in the approach of Xiaomi and Redmi in the face of their next battle with other brands that begin to sound at the same time as Realme and Oppo .

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