Create, print and share your Alexa shopping list: That's how it works

Create, print and share your Alexa shopping list: That's how it works

The handwritten shopping list has long been obsolete – creating an Alexa shopping list is much easier and more convenient. You fill these simply by voice command or Smartphone App. We reveal how it works.

Gone are the days when you needed paper and pencil to plan your weekend shopping – thanks to Alexa, creating a grocery list is a snap. Seamless and uncomplicated: you simply dictate Alexa your desired items, which are finally transferred to the shopping list. These can be easily accessed while shopping in the Alexa app.

Add items to Alexa Shopping List

The easiest way to do that is with the command: "Alexa, add [article name] to my shopping list" . Alternatively you can add the desired articles directly in the Alexa app. Start the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, then click on the menu icon: "Lists> Shopping> Add an item" . Now you can simply enter your desired articles. You can easily check this off while shopping by checkbox – so you never lose the overview.

alexa-shopping list

In the Alexa app, you can add new items to your shopping list.

Print the Alexa shopping list

Good to know: If you do not want to give up a classic note, you can also print the Alexa shopping list. To do this, go to the page in the browser, click on "Lists" and select the shopping list. Start the process by clicking on "Print".

Delete Alexa shopping list

Normally, you do not have to delete the shopping list, because all checked items are automatically moved to another area. If you want to delete an article, just tap on the checkbox, so that it is placed in the "completed" section. If you want to remove completed points, tap the menu icon with the three dots and choose "Delete Done Points".

Share Alexa shopping list

Of course you can also share the shopping list. To do this, click on the menu icon with the three dots in your shopping list, then select "Share". Then you can share the list by e-mail or WhatsApp.


  1. Add items by voice: "Alexa, add [label] to my shopping list."
  2. Alternatively via the Alexa app on the smartphone: "Menu> Lists> Shopping> Add an item"
  3. About you can also print the shopping list if needed

2 thoughts on “Create, print and share your Alexa shopping list: That's how it works

  1. Use to could get my lists to print . Now it only prints a few items on the lists with a link. Doesn’t give me an option to print. Only to create a link. Why did they change it? It was so easy. Now I have to go to the Amazon website to print a list and I have 3 pages instead of 1. Very frustrating!!!

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