Xiaomi continues to grow in Europe and aims to "break" the market in 2020

Xiaomi continues to grow in Europe and aims to "break" the market in 2020

There is no doubt that Xiaomi is more present than Europe than ever . Just look at the great role that has been taking on the shelves of large technology surfaces or in the number of users with a smartphone of the brand that we can see today on the street, to know that Xiaomi is no longer that Chinese brand totally unknown.

And it is clear that in recent years Xiaomi has gone from being an unpronounceable brand and for many, unknown, to become a very good option to consider. In addition, Xiaomi no longer stands out only in the mid-range , it also does it at the top along with a greater appearance in European homes thanks to its interesting gadgets and smart products for home automation.

Greater market share and a 2020 with the aim of positioning itself as the best selling brand

Not only do we say it, as every quarter Canalys has published its renowned report showing us the continued growth of the brand in Europe despite the slowdown that is being experienced by the sale of smartphones.

Xiaomi continues to grow in Europe and intends to break the market in 2020. Xiaomi Addicts News

Specifically, as we can see on these lines, Xiaomi has gone from having a market share of 6.5% in the last third quarter of 2018, now having a 10.5% . An increase in sales that translates into a total of 9.8 million shipments for the months of July, August and September.

In addition, based on these new data, Lu Weibving , current CEO of Redmi as well as co-founder of Xiaomi, wanted to highlight that 2020 will be marked by its goal of breaking the European market by exceeding this quota. And it seems that the firm aims to continue growing in the contain not only with new Mi Store, but also with a greater number of smartphones that always maintain one of the best quality / price ratios.

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