The selfie camera technology under the screen will take longer to arrive than expected

The selfie camera technology under the screen will take longer to arrive than expected

Some time ago Xiaomi showed us its first smartphone prototype with front camera under screen . A new technology that allows you to get rid of the criticized notch, as well as the new retractable pop-up camera systems, integrating the selfie camera completely and under the front panel of the smartphone.

Specifically, Xiaomi showed a smartphone prototype based on the current Xiaomi Mi 9 , which had “trimmed” its notch in the form of a drop of water, in order to house the front camera under the screen. In this way a true “ all screen ” is achieved, a goal that virtually all mobile phone manufacturers have tried to achieve by sliding systems, pop-pup cameras or even cameras embedded in the middle of the screen.

Now, almost a year later and under the watchful eye of the possible launch of a Mi Mix 4 or Mi 10 equipping this new selfie camera, Lu Weibing , the current CEO of Redmi, has dropped into the Weibo social network that is still early for launch a device with such technology .

Specifically, as is usually the case for a manager, he made a round of questions to his Weibo followers in which he asked them what they expected from the company's next smartphone. In response to this, the vast majority responded that the camera selfie under the screen . A breakthrough that would make a difference in Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones.

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In response, Lu Weibing said it is still too early to see a device with such technology, adding that the selfie cameras under screen are in a very early stage of development so it is now virtually impossible to launch such a commercial device .

With this answer, the CEO of Redmi makes it very clear that we probably won't see a new smartphone with a selfie camera under screen until well into 2020 or even until next 2021 .

Consequently, it is expected that the next flagship of Xiaomi, the Mi 10 and practically the rest of the mid-high-end smartphones will continue to incorporate some alternative type retractable camera or even a selfie camera embedded in the screen as will happen with the Redmi K30.

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