"Death Stranding": How to change your suit color

"Death Stranding": How to change your suit color

Sam Porter Bridges usually dresses in blue in "Death Stranding", but he has other colors available for his supplier outfit. How you change your clothes and what you have to fulfill, you read here.

As a supplier to Death Stranding, you need to be more robust than fashion conscious, but that does not mean that you can not pay attention to your appearance, so if you want to dress Sam in a new color, you can do so – but only after you've finished the story of Once the messenger is damned to Blaumann – but then all the doors are fashionably open to him.

Color change only possible after a single play through

To change the suit color, find your private room, which you can enter from most delivery centers. When Sam is sitting on the bed, you can circle the camera around him and aim at the different parts of the room – the shower, the sink, or your bridge baby. Next to the baby, your suit hangs on the shelf. Aim on it and hit the triangle button. The camera then zooms on the suit. If you press Triangle again, you will come to a menu where you can change the colors of your equipment.

Coloring made easy

So decide whether you want to change your cap, your sunglasses or your overalls and press the X button to select. Then you can choose from several color options. Meet your selection by pressing X, the X button, then hold down longer to store the color and then consider again the X button to the menu to leave again.

Done! Sam Porter Bridges now has the color of your choice.

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