"Death Stranding": follow Higgs to the beach – so you can find him

"Death Stranding": follow Higgs to the beach – so you can find him

You've been on Sam's "Death Stranding" for quite a few hours, and suddenly the game leaves you in the dark: You're supposed to follow Higgs to the beach, but there's no clue how that works? We'll tell you how to get ahead in the campaign.

Higgs has run away and you have to follow him? In the later part of "Death Stranding" you should follow the terrorist with the Sido mask to the beach. The game does not give you any concrete indication of how this works. However, you only have to remember a little and already it becomes clear what is meant, if you are to pursue Higgs into the intermediate world between death and life.

Higgs track? Fragile is the solution!

You know what? Fragile can teleport by visiting the beach and reappearing at another location from there. Right here is the key: About halfway through "Death Stranding" the fast-travel system is introduced and Fragile hangs her hi-tech designer umbrella into your private quarters.

So you follow Higgs to the beach

So to follow Higgs to the beach, you simply have to hike to the nearest private quarters, where the fragile umbrella hangs. As soon as you use this, you will automatically come to the beach and the story of "Death Stranding" will continue – get ready for something there …!


  • In the campaign you should follow Higgs to the beach
  • You have to go to the next private quarters
  • There you use fragile umbrella for fast travel
  • The story then continues automatically

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