Xiaomi answers key questions about your Mi Watch such as waterproof certification, battery life or compatibility of your eSIM

Xiaomi answers key questions about your Mi Watch such as waterproof certification, battery life or compatibility of your eSIM

As usual in new product presentations, there are certain data and features that manufacturers do not usually reveal until days later. This has been the case of the Xiaomi Mi Watch , the first smart watch of the firm that we are gradually learning more technical details, such as its waterproof certification.

Specifically, throughout the morning one of the Xiaomi executives answered several questions related to the new smartwatch. Among them, some quite interesting as the real duration of its battery , the compatibility of the eSIM and other systems such as iOS or even some curiosities such as the use of third-party belts.

In detail, the manager talked about the operation of the eSIM integrated in the new Mi Watch and its compatibility in the main cities of China. And it seems that this virtual SIM functionality will not be available throughout the Chinese territory , but rather it will only be compatible in the most populated cities depending on the specific operator.

Xiaomi Mi Watch, features, specifications, price-date-release. Xiaomi Addicted News

A detail that makes us think that if its compatibility is not already complete in your home country, the arrival of the Global version of the Xiaomi Mi Watch and its eSIM could be longer than expected . Moreover, even before its launch, it was already rumored that the new smart watch of the Asian firm could take several months to reach the international market.

Waterproof, compatible straps and battery life

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color will feature interchangeable and customizable straps. Xiaomi Addicted News

Another question answered by Xiaoheng, general manager of the Xiaomi ecosystem, was related to its degree of impermeability. And it is that if we remember, during the presentation of the Mi Watch its possibility was emphasized to be used in the motorization of water sports such as swimming without specifying its IP certification.

In response, Xiaoheng assured that the new Xiaomi Mi Watch can be used without any problem in swimming pools or similar scenarios , leaving aside the fact of confirming the waterproofness of the watch. That is why the new Xiaomi smartwatch probably does not have any real IPX certification and as with its smartphones, have its own waterproofing system.

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Likewise, the manager of Xiaomi recommended not to use metal straps other than the official ones . These could interfere with the proper functioning of the GPS, Bluetooth or WiFi of the watch itself. In addition, he again confirmed that the battery life of the Xiaomi Mi Watch is 36 hours making normal use of all its features, that is, both GPS, Bluetooth, NFC or even eSIM.

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Finally, as we anticipated this morning, the Xiaomi Mi Watch has support for its connection with Apple smartphones . In this case, having a WearOS-based system, users who have an iPhone will only have to download the Google application and link the clock, though, for now some of its functions such as the NFC or the monitoring of Our health will only be available on Android.

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