Everything we know about the Xiaomi Mi Watch just 3 days after its launch

Everything we know about the Xiaomi Mi Watch just 3 days after its launch

Probably one of the most popular Xiaomi products in recent days is the Mi Watch. The first smartwath of the firm that will come true on November 5 as one of the most complete smartwatches on the market incorporating a Wear 3100 processor, GPS and eSIM allowing us to receive and make calls.

In addition to incorporating the most advanced advances at the hardware level, the Xiaomi Mi Watch has a great design finished in stainless steel in combination with a sapphire crystal surface. A success, which will doubtless make this watch, not only the most complete in terms of performance, but in an extremely attractive fashion accessory.

Now, in the absence of only 3 days for its presentation to be held on November 5 at 10:00 (China Time), we have decided to collect all the details that the firm has been revealing in recent years days. Whether its design, hardware or software, below you will find everything we know to date of the Xiaomi Mi Watch:

Design and appearance of the Xiaomi Mi Watch

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color, features, specifications, price and date. Xiaomi Addicted News

Apparently, Xiaomi has tried to turn its first smartwatch into a fashion accessory, striking in functionalities and elegant in terms of lines and finishes. And is that the Mi Watch will incorporate high quality materials such as stainless steel or ceramics to manufacture its main case.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color will feature interchangeable and customizable straps. Xiaomi Addicted News

To make matters worse, its dial will be made of curved sapphire crystal . With this it is achieved that we can carry it with peace of mind on our wrist since its sphere will have a great resistance to scratches.

In addition, Xiaomi Mi Watch will have interchangeable straps , allowing us through a small quick-release button to change them very easily. To date we know that there will be up to four official belts , an unimportant detail since we are likely to see a host of compatible possibilities.

Hardware, everything we will find inside

On a hardware level we are facing a smartwatch equipped with a powerful Snapdragon Wear 3100 . This is joined by a WiFi and Bluetooth module, support NFC and GPS.

In addition, thanks to its support for eSIM we can no longer be totally independent of our smartphone, but also make and receive calls from the watch itself thanks to its microphone and built-in speaker.

Likewise, the new Xiaomi Mi Watch will have a vibration motor line l, powerful enough for us to notice the incoming notifications we are still doing some activity with our hands. In addition, its battery will be long lasting, a detailed one provided by Xiaomi but still without specifying the specific capacity.

More than a smartwatch, a whole wrist smartphone

Beyond its design, one of the details that is less like this watch, the new Xiaomi Mi Watch will integrate a new operating system called « MIUI for Watch «. Thanks to this, the smartwatch can take a great role without having to depend on our smartphone.

In detail, MIUI for Watch will feature an ingenious keyboard specially designed to be used on its small screen. In this way, in addition to being able to make and answer calls, we can answer text messages or even WhatsApp messages.

In addition, this system will grant the Mi Watch FM radio , as well as various applications that will allow us to observe in detail the evolution of the US and Hong Kong stock market in real time. In addition, thanks to its internal memory we can or its 4G connectivity thanks to its support for eSIM, we can play our favorite music or even watch series wherever we are.

As if that were not enough, it will have various applications designed to maintain our physical health in good shape, not only monitoring the physical activities we perform, but a complete monitoring of our day to day .

Also, this variant of MIUI specially designed for use in the first Xiaomi smartwatch will allow us to manage and use our boarding passes. In addition, its NF C module will take a leading role when making payments, yes, this function may not be available in the beginning for the Global market.

Price and availability

Practically what we have left to know is its price. A detail to keep in mind that if we look at the following image published by Xiaomi where it compares the characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Watch with those of the Apple Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE , the final price should be lower than the last two.

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In detail, taking into account that in general Xiaomi compares products that have a higher price even with benefits lower than its new product, the Xiaomi Mi Watch should cost around 249-279 euros . A fairly tight price that would undoubtedly add an extra attraction to being able to enjoy so much in a smartwatch for so little.

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