More than a watch, the new Xiaomi Mi Watch will be a “wrist smartphone” equipped with MIUI for Watch

More than a watch, the new Xiaomi Mi Watch will be a “wrist smartphone” equipped with MIUI for Watch

As November 5 approaches, Xiaomi reveals new details of its first smartwatch. And, this complete smartwatch will allow us to perform a large number of functions, as if it were a smartphone.

Beyond its design, one of the least favorite details of this watch, the new Xiaomi Mi Watch will integrate a new operating system called « MIUI for Watch «. Thanks to this, the smartwatch can take a great role without having to depend on our smartphone.

MIUI for Watch, turning the Xiaomi Mi Watch into something more than a smart watch

In detail, Xiaomi Mi Watch will feature an ingenious keyboard specially designed to be used on its small screen. In this way, in addition to being able to make and answer calls, we can answer text messages or even WhatsApp messages .

MIUI for Watch will grant the Mi Watch FM radio , as well as various applications that will allow us to observe in detail the evolution of the US and Hong Kong stock market in real time . In addition, thanks to its internal memory we can or its 4G connectivity thanks to its support for eSIM, we can play our favorite music or even watch series wherever we are.

As if that were not enough, Xiaomi Mi Watch will have various applications designed to maintain our physical health in good shape , not only monitoring the physical activities we perform, but a complete monitoring of our day to day.

Also, this variant of MIUI specially designed for use in the first Xiaomi smartwatch will allow us to manage and use our boarding passes . In addition, its NFC module will take a leading role when making payments, yes, this function may not be available in the beginning for the Global market.

Undoubtedly, a fairly complete smartwatch that together with MIUI for Watch will try to become a device completely independent of our smartphone . Thanks to this we can allow ourselves to perform a large part of the basic tasks that we use on a daily basis on a mobile device but from this interesting smart watch.

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