Sonic has a new look – and the fans are finally happy

Sonic has a new look – and the fans are finally happy

Sonic finally has a new look. After the first trailer for video game filming with the fans of the blue racing yelk did not arrive well, was obviously screwed once again neatly on the design. And behold, the effort was worth it.

The new images for "Sonic the Hedgehog", which have found their way as a leak in the net, seem to be exactly what fans wanted to see from the beginning. A direct comparison to the figure from the games shows that the movie version is now much closer to the games.

Facelift for Sonic

The coat by Sonic has got a much stronger blue tone and if the pictures in the net actually come from Filmstudio Paramount, especially on the eyes changed a lot. They are not so far apart, but almost completely close together near the nose. The ears seem to have grown a bit too.

Fans are in favor of a new look

At least the fans are soothed and seem to be a lot happier with the new look. However, that does not mean that they can not wait to see "Sonic the Hedgehog" in the movies. A certain basic skepticism remains. After all, the new design of Rennigels is well received by them:

"Finally we get this horrible movie, but at least with a cute sonic", writes Twitter user Vikintor . ArcanaLegacy adds, "Well, Sonic looks better, much, much better!" And for Neon it's clear: "Man, the Sonic design is awesome!" To show the proximity to the game template, the Twitter user merged the body of the film Sonic even ado with the head of the character – fits like a glove, right?

Release date

After various shifts "Sonic the Hedgehog" in Germany on 21 April 2020 to start.

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