Which type suits me? 4 types of dishwashers briefly explained

Which type suits me? 4 types of dishwashers briefly explained

You want to buy a new dishwasher – so far so good. But which model do you actually need? Does it have to be fully integrable or is a semi-integrated device sufficient? And what is the difference to an underbody device? We explain what to pay attention to.

There are four different types of dishwashers:

  • standing free
  • substructure (-capable)
  • partially integrated
  • fully integrated

Which model you need, depends mainly on how you want to integrate the dishwasher in your kitchen.

Free standing: models for flexibility

dishwasher free standing

Stand units do not hide the dishwasher behind a panel.

Free-standing dishwasher you can set up where you want. The only condition: There must be a water connection. The front of the free standing dishwashers is visible and is not obscured by screens or the like. As a rule, freestanding dishwashers are substructure. This means that you can remove the cover plate to place the device under the countertop in the kitchen. Free-standing dishwashers are suitable for kitchens that are not equipped with a fitted kitchen. They are also referred to as solo or free-standing devices.

Fine difference: substructure device or substructure?

In the next type, we distinguish between dishwashers, which are pure substructure devices and stationary devices, which are substructure. Undercounter dishwashers have no cover plate. The reason: They are intended to be placed under the kitchen worktop. You should not use the under-counter dishwasher as a stand-alone unit, as the surface of the base units can not be loaded.

kitchen dishwasher woman

Undercounter dishwashers fit under the worktop.

In contrast, built-under dishwashers can be used both as a stand-alone unit as the free-standing models and as a base unit. The cover plate is removed in the second case, so that the dishwasher fits under the existing worktop. The front of the device is visible on both base units and built-under dishwashers. In some cases, however, the undercounter dishwashers are decorable. This means that you can customize the front by attaching decorative panels to the design of your kitchen. In this case, only the control panel of the dishwasher is visible.

Semi-integrated: Only control panel is visible


Semi-integrated dishwashers have visible controls.

For semi-integrated dishwashers, the goal is to let the device merge as possible with the kitchen. The dishwasher is delivered without door trim, so you can mount the original kitchen furniture fronts of your kitchen to the door. As a result, only the control panel of the dishwasher is visible from the dishwasher. Some manufacturers offer control panels in different colors, so that the device even better harmonizes with the kitchen.

In contrast, there are semi-integrated dishwashers that are decorable. You can insert three to four millimeter thick decorative panels in the mounting frame. They are available in different colors.

Fully integrated: Where is the dishwasher?

aeg proclean 7 dishwasher

The control panel of the dishwasher can only be seen with the door open.

A vollintegierbarer dishwasher is not visible with the door closed. He disappears behind the panel to match the kitchen. The control panel is located on the inside of the appliance door and is therefore not visible when closed. A disadvantage of the complete integration: The dishwasher can only be operated with the door open. And when it's working, you can not see how long it's still running through the hidden display. Some manufacturers avoid this problem by projecting the remaining time of the dishwasher on the kitchen floor. If you care about a visible ad, you should pay attention to this option.


  • Free-standing dishwashers can be set up flexibly, as long as a water connection is available.
  • Substructure devices are intended to be placed under the mounting plate.
  • Undercounter dishwashers are floor standing units with removable cover plate.
  • Semi-integrated devices only show the control panel.
  • Fully integrated dishwashers merge completely with the kitchen cabinets.

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