Xiaomi denies the rumors and ensures that the Mi Mix 4 exists and that it is also on its way

Xiaomi denies the rumors and ensures that the Mi Mix 4 exists and that it is also on its way

In recent days we have not stopped receiving the alleged confirmation from Xiaomi that its Mi Mix 4 would not be released this year to the market. A rumor that spread like wildfire among the most recognized mainstream Spanish-speaking media and which Xiaomi has now confirmed that the rumor is totally false.

This rumor was given by Edward Bishop, general manager of the promotional department of Xiaomi, who allegedly and after a misinterpretation by some media, they had interpreted his words as an alleged cancellation of the Mi Mix 4 for this year. In response to this, it was the manager himself who through Weibo has totally denied this rumor , ensuring that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 exists.

Specifically, Edward Bishop has confirmed the existence of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, also ensuring that its announcement to the world is on its way, adding that there will be only one model for this new generation . A very good news that will calm the waters after the great stir that had caused the media with the supposed end of the new Mi Mix range of Xiaomi.

What do we expect from the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

If we take into account the latest rumors related to this new Xiaomi smartphone, the expected Mi Mix 4 could integrate a large AMOLED type screen in which a selfie camera would be incorporated on a retractable mechanism or even under its own front panel , thus achieving a "all screen" terminal.

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In addition, the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 could lead to a smartphone equipped with the powerful Snapdragon 855 Plus along with up to 12GB of RAM . This would manage the new 108MP camera manufactured by Samsung that we could already see in the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. Of rest, as we were saying are all rumors, although arriving at the end of this month of October, it is very likely that Xiaomi begins to show us small details about this new generation of one of its most revolutionary and innovative ranges.

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