The "Death Stranding" baby speaks through your controller with you

The "Death Stranding" baby speaks through your controller with you

In "Death Stranding", main character Sam Porter-Bridges constantly carries around a so-called "bridge baby" in an incubation tank. The worm ensures his survival and also the players should build a special connection to "BB". Now it became known that the game will also use the built-in speakers of the DualShock controller.

It has already been seen in gameplay trailers that players have to interact with the bridge baby in various ways. If it is rocked too hard, it has to be rocked gently in its tank, for example. For this purpose, the game uses the motion sensors of the controller. If you want to make virtual babysitting even more immersive, you can let the baby's voice ring out of the DualShock, as Pushsquare reports.

Controller as a child replacement

Developer Hideo Kojima has announced the feature in a tweet. He added images of the gold-colored controller from the limited edition PS4 Pro to "Death Stranding" , whose design was modeled after the baby's tank. It is not clear if only the special controller will support the feature. Presumably, BB's voice can be used on any integrated DualShock 4 controller.

Of course this is not the first bizarre feature known from "Death Stranding". An indirect multiplayer, strange changing between the worlds and urinating mechanics have already been announced in the last weeks and months. If the game appears on PS4 for the PS4 on November 8, players should discover a whole lot more.

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