Several users of Pokémon Go report having been expelled just for having a Xiaomi

Several users of Pokémon Go report having been expelled just for having a Xiaomi


Pokémon Go has been one of the biggest revolutions of video games in mobile format. A way to approach this fantasy world, in a much more realistic and interactive way by having to travel the streets not only of our town or city, but of places with all kinds of climates and geographical latitudes.

Also, since Pokémon Go was first launched, its developer Niantic has wanted to clean his video game of all kinds of players who skip the rules or who directly cheat. A continuous expulsion of players in order to prevent certain players from getting each and every Pokémon without leaving their homes.

Several users say they have been expelled from the game because they have a Xiaomi smartphone

Now, as we can read in this Reddit thread , several users of the famous game have reported having been expelled for the simple fact of having a Xiaomi smartphone. A fairly unfair ban that apparently has affected certain devices such as the Redmi Note 5 more generally.

Specifically, these users indicate having been suspended from the videogame in periods ranging from 30 days, to even permanent expulsions from their accounts . A rather drastic measure that has already been communicated to Niantic that for now has not responded to these numerous appeals.

Updated: As a follower of the Web has informed us, these expulsions are given by the “Game Mode” included in MIUI in Redmi 5 and Redmi Note 5 . A functionality of the Xiaomi customization layer that increases the system performance by optimizing the CPU, GPU and RAM of the device, being detected by Niantic as some kind of “Hack”. Therefore, if you play Pokémon Go we recommend deactivating this mode until the company resolves it.

Source | Reddit
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