"Ghost Recon Breakpoint" alluded to: broken in technology?

"Ghost Recon Breakpoint" alluded to: broken in technology?

We all know it all: As the once-great buddy suddenly turns a bit through, founds a paramilitary task force and brings just a whole island in his power – annoying! This happened in Ubisoft's tactical ghost "Ghost Recon Breakpoint", which I could allude to. Here you can read what has convinced me – but also where I see a very big problem.

Tom Clancy and Ubisoft, two have found each other. The American bestselling author with militarism fetish posthumously gives his name posthumously for games by the French publisher. Now the popular "Ghost Recon" series continues with the offshoot "Breakpoint". At first glance, the differences to the predecessor "Wildlands" from the year 2017 are only minimal, but "Breakpoint" is more than a lukewarm infusion and develops the series sensibly. Would not it be the catastrophic technique. But one after anonther.

Four wins! Or one. Or none.

Alone or in four-player co-op mode, we fight for survival on the fictional archipelago Auroa, the weapon always at the ready. Especially nice for convinced soloists like me: On request, bots take over the roles of human players. But clearly: The most fun is the use, if my buddies are with it. So in the rudimentary character editor, I assemble my blond superkiller (because if I stare at the polygon butt of a video game character for the next 40 hours, at least it should be at least that of a beautiful woman, sue me) and go into battle.

ghost recon breakpoint

For you it is an action spectacle. It's a normal Wednesday for the Ghosts.

The interaction with your teammates is especially important if you want to take one of the hard-secured rebel bases. Of course, you can always whistle on tactics and finesse and race bluntly forward from full tubes. But soon threatens the game-over-screen. It is better to first scout the terrain in peace and to mark hostile soldiers comfortably on the screen, for example by means of a handy reconnaissance drone, which every Ghost soldier always has in his luggage.

My best moments in "Breakpoint" I had, if our carefully planned plan ("So, I hide as a sniper up there, you steal from behind and my sign opens the gate, okay?") After a few seconds went down the drain. The hectic improvisation, while being attacked by two dozen angry mercenaries, creates a heightened adrenalin level and welds together. After all, a ghost would never abandon a comrade – or would it?

ghost recon breakpoint

"God damn it, Kevin, I told you to stay away from Jägermeister!"

Yesterday a ghost, today a wolf

Colonal Cole D. Walker sees things differently. That's the name of the man whose little private army makes life difficult for us. Walker himself was once a ghost, but has become apostate and has snapped with his new gang, the Wolves, the archipelago Auroa under the nail. He controls the homeland of the high-tech company Skell Technology – and he has access to some extremely powerful weapons …

Actor Jon Bernthal embodies the traitor Walker with his own mixture of hardness and a touch of vulnerability. You probably know him as Shane from the early "The Walking Dead" seasons and as Marvel's "Punisher". There he delivered powerful performances, but in "Breakpoint" was unfortunately not much to see. Grim expressions, growled orders, unlawful shootings and moral self-doubts, always a bit too stiff and too artificial to be truly rousing. In short: The cut-scenes in "Ghost Recon Breakpoint" are not exactly Oscar suspects.

It's quite possible that Bernthal still has a few absolute world-class scenes and a place on the list of the best gaming villains. He has not left a big impression on me when I play.

ghost recon breakpoint

After all, as desolate as Kit Harrington as an opponent in "Call of Duty" Bernthal can not be.

I'm a ghost, get me out of here!

There's a skill tree I use to unlock new skills, a simple crafting system, a built-in PvP arena for 4-on-4 combat and of course lots of updates, events and fresh content after release – "Ghost Recon Breakpoint" reads like a Best of all action games of the last five years. And indeed, with breathtaking innovations, the Ubisoft title can not score. But with a great staged game world.

Auroa is not only many times bigger than the trailing Bolivia from "Wildlands", it also offers more variety. In the course of the story, you fight your way through the dense jungle, climb snow-covered mountain peaks or enjoy the panorama on the sparkling sandy beach. And I have to admit that the detailed world has excited me the most – at least what I've seen from her. The jungle acts as a digital jungle must seem: mysterious and threatening and lush; You can literally breathe in the humid jungle air, feel the mud on your legs, hear the insects hum.

ghost recon breakpoint

The game world has to feel alive – scores here "Ghost Recon Breakpoint".

I got lost when I play directly. As my squad whistled cheerfully in the helicopter for the next mission, I ran aimlessly through the undergrowth, thinking that maybe I could take a shortcut. I tried unsuccessfully to climb steep cliffs and make my way through the thickets, which brought my stamina beam to zero every few seconds. The consequence: I had to make a long march to the next quest marker.

That did not annoy me, on the contrary: The unpredictability and liveliness of the virtual jungle impressed me. After all, my ghosts are here in enemy territory, the jungle is not a playground – and who undertakes careless excursions, is lost in the worst case. I am looking forward to exploring the other areas of "Ghost Recon Breakpoint".

ghost recon breakpoint

To shoot so much, so little time.

The technique is the break point

So I could finish this preview on a positive note – would not it be the catastrophic technique. The version I was able to play was full of bugs and mistakes. Several times my blonde soldier queen got stuck in the level architecture, corpses floated a few meters above the ground, the weapons in the hands of my teammates suddenly became invisible. Colleagues reported a disco floor (the floor textures suddenly flickered like crazy), one has even fallen completely out of the level into nothingness. That just can not happen in a AAA game from a renowned manufacturer.

I asked: The first version was allegedly eight weeks old. Maybe that was true, maybe not. Why does Ubisoft show us such an outdated, technically unclean version, if there is now a newer code? After all, runs today from 12 clock, the open beta. And if that is not based on a more recent version, I go voluntarily to the jungle camp. I have heard the phrase "This is still improved" so often. And the closer a play date is to the actual release, the more skeptical I am – a few days before the sales date, the drops sucked, people, there is nothing more improved.

ghost recon breakpoint

After all, such a video game is a bit more complex than that … that.

I really hope that Ubisoft has been using the last couple of weeks to revamp "Ghost Recon Breakpoint" and fix the numerous techies. Would be really a pity if the next blockbuster in half-finished jerky-Zuckel-version came on the market and buyers of the first hour are the Anschmmierten. Because despite the macho-bustle that makes up the Tom Clancy games, I'm in the mood for "Breakpoint" – if only because of the beautiful game world.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the series has not reached its personal breaking point.

ghost recon breakpoint

We leave this symbolic picture uncommented.


"Ghost Recon Breakpoint" will be released on October 4, 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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