"Zelda: Link's Awakening" Spirit Quest: That's how you'll get rid of the ghost

"Zelda: Link's Awakening" Spirit Quest: That's how you'll get rid of the ghost

You are suddenly being followed by a pink ghost in "Zelda: Link's Awakening"? You do not know where to put the ghost? We show you the way and explain why it is worthwhile.

At some point at the very beginning of "The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening", you go innocently your way – and suddenly a ghost appears behind you. This will not deviate from the side and leaves only loose hints about what it actually wants. Everything boils down to bringing it first to his house and then to his grave. Let's go!

Find house of the spirit

The House of the Spirit is located in the south of the game world, just east of the beach. You can reach it from the dwarf bay by jumping over the three holes in the ground (sprinting and then jumping). Alternatively, you can also come from the beach if you clear the stones out of the way. You recognize the house on its purple roof, which is covered by large, purple flowers.


Location of the haunted house.

Inside everything is destroyed, but for the ghost it is his former home. Wait while the ghost wanders around the building. Then he comes back to you and wants to be brought to his grave. Destroy the pitchers to find a magic shell.

Find the grave of the ghost

The grave is contrary to all logic not in the large cemetery. Nearby, west of the Witch's House, stands a single tombstone entwined with flowers similar to the Ghost House. You can get there by running through the magic forest or going north from the teleport point in the Urunga steppe and then west past the witch house.


Site of the Ghost Tomb.

Clear the stone in front of the stairs into the valley, go down and up the stairs in front of the tombstone again. The spirit now finds its peace and thanks you with a fairy bottle.

Use Fairy Bottle

Fairies are the small, flying ghosts that are sometimes dropped by enemies and heal you when you collect them. With the fairy bottle, you can catch one of them, carry it around with you and release it to heal if necessary.

To capture, prepare the fairy bottle in inventory on X or Y and press the appropriate button near a fairy. To release, you also simply equip the bottle and press the appropriate button, if you need healing. Note: Once you have used the fairy, you have to catch a new one!


  1. The pink spirit that follows you in "Link's Awakening", you must first lead to his house and then to his grave.
  2. The house is located in the south, between Torongastrand and dwarf bay.
  3. The tomb is west of the witches house.
  4. As a reward for the quest, you will receive the fairy bottle that will allow you to carry a fairy with you for healing.

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